Travelling comes into contact with various types of

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Travelling teaches us better than books. Sense organ is not very powerful factor. The eyes are very essential in learning. We read of the existence, in the past, of a university called Nalanda.

They say that there were one hundred lecture rooms. We think this a fact of Imagi­nation. Run to the spot. Your doubt will at once be removed. Travelling gives us an opportunity for getting practical experience of the world. Pope, the poet, sings that the proper study of mankind is man.

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The traveller comes into contact with various types of people. If a traveller moves about with keen eyes and the open door of his mind he can get a lot of knowledge about men and things which no book can give. Travelling is also essential for the healthy growth of mind. “The mindls health”, says Tagore “cannot be maintained on the ration sup­plied by books in our class rooms.

” Travelling broadens our outlook. It makes us liberal in the thought and outlook. It deepens our sympathies. The experience enables us to see things from a new angle of vision. It develops in us a correct sense of value.

We can learn different languages and cultures due to travel­ling. Travelling gives us a practical knowledge of trade and commerce. A visit to the commercial centres teaches us more of commerce than all the books of a commercial library. Personal contact helps to build and expand business.

It quickens trade. Travelling brings us closer to nature. To a traveller nature becomes a living thing. It speaks in a language more impressive than any pen can make.

It is very essential that students should have every chance of travel. Our schools and colleges should make arrangements for the funds. The railway authorities should issue very cheap tickets for stu­dents to give chance to travel. To take the full advantage of travelling we must have eyes to see, ears to listen and a desire to learn.


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