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The clouds run in the sky freely. They are of dark colour. Sometimes they are very thick.

They make it dark even in the day. When the first rain falls, the whole earth becomes happy. Every­thing is mad with joy. The frogs croak in the rain water very loudly. Sometimes we find it difficult to sleep soundly on account of their noise.

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We can see the peacock dancing expressing its joy and welcoming rain. The noise of clouds makes it wild with joy. The farmers go out with their bullocks. They plough their fields. Within a few days the whole earth becomes green with grass and corn plants. The scenery of na­ture becomes very pleasant. It soothes our eyes.

The animals are very happy. The cattle graze on the fields with great pleasure. After the hot months of May and June, the sight of clouds makes us all happy and gives us a great relief from the heat of the summer. The farmers are very happy because their crops depend on rains. The earth is dry and bare in June. The cattle are thin and lean without green grass. The rainy season is therefore welcome to all. During rainy season, many new insects are born.

In the evening small moths gather round our lamps. They make it impossible for us to read and write. The fields are full of ants. We can see grasshoppers, snakes, earthworms and other insects.

The roads are covered with mud. It becomes difficult to walk on Kachcha roads and streets. Our feet sink in mud. We cannot move about much in rainy season. The trade becomes dull. The business­men have poor sale when the rains are heavy.

There is flood in the rivers. The crops are destroyed. Houses fall down. Poor people have no shelter. Their houses begin to leak. Thus we see that the rainy season brings joys as well as suffering to people. But it gives us food as farmers depend upon rains.


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