In in the open. We bask ourselves in

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In winter morning is the hardest time. The nights are long. So we wake up in the morning at 5 o’clock. But it is so cold that we do not like to rise and leave the beds.

We cover ourselves with the quilt and re­main lying comfortably on the warm bed. At last, we have to leave our beds to answer our natural calls. The water is very cold at this time. So we get fresh water from well or tap. But when we have washed our­selves, our hands become numb and we go to fire place to warm our hands and other parts of our body. Then we come out in the open. We bask ourselves in the bright sun. The sun which was so troublesome to us in summer is now quite pleasant.

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We welcome him and sit in the sun. The farmers are happy to work in the fields in the open sun. If the sun is shining and wild wind is calm nobody likes to go inside the house. The noon is a pleasant time on a cold day.

The markets are busy. People buy and sell things. The evening is again cold like the morning. The farmers return to their homes. The boys return to their houses from games. We all get into our rooms. All the doors and windows are shut. We try to stop wind coming from outside.

Sometimes it is very cold. We then prepare fire and sit near it. After our meals in the night, we feel colder. We are sure to sit near the fire to make ourselves warm.

Children as well as grown­ups sit around the fire and tell stories and talk about different things. It is a happy time. After some time we become quite warm and then we retire to our beds. In winter wool and cotton are the most comfortable things. We put woolen clothes. But they are expensive. Poor people use cotton jack­ets stuffed with cotton.

This keeps them very warm. At night, the quilt gives us great comfort. Of course, it is troublesome to move about and touch water with the hand, because the cold is bitter and painful. The people who have no clothes have a hard time in winter. Many beggars and poor people die of cold. The rich people are, of course, happy because they put on sufficient clothes. In England and other western countries people make their rooms warm by means of electricity.

On the whole the winter is not bad for all people, as the summer.


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