The world has been somehow surviving on

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The socio-economic policy of the state, its better implementation on part of the government and its administrative machinery, are the important factors in determining the socio-economic well-being of the people at large and upon it depends the real growth of this country. The largest functional democracy of the world has been somehow surviving on multiplicity of problems all around. Due to socio-economy degeneration, a number of problems have emerged to the fore relating to the teenagers of this country. Breaking away of joint family system has deprived younger generation of vigil and caretaking by their elders.

The advancement of electronic media with multiplying channel sys­tems and the ‘video culture, which is spoiling the younger generation. Fast growing addiction to narcotics and drugs is spoiling the youth of the country. The teenagers are the worst sufferers of the degenerating socio­economic and political situation of the country.

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While nearly 45 percent of the population is living below the poverty line, it is taken for granted that the teenagers from this class of society are most disgusted and frustrated. The middle class, as we already know, is always in the pro­cess of disintegration and in the state of ‘moral and cultural thrift’. Indian teenagers can well be summed up under different catego­ries.

These are physical and physiological due to want of health care and balanced and nutritive diet which is beyond the reach of the major­ity of the Indian people. Ignorance of the socio-cultural values of the country and of its unique and rich heritage is also responsible for loss of moral values and ab­normal attitude and behaviour among the teenagers.


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