The small thick stick or gun in his

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The policeman puts on khaki uniform, khaki cap and strong black shoes. He carries a small thick stick or gun in his hand.

He is generally tall and healthy. The policemen are in charge of certain areas. They have to keep a watch on the activities of all doubtful characters. If there is any fight and disturbance in his area, he at once runs to the place and stops it. If the people do not obey him, he takes them to the police station and reports about them. He goes about in street at night and guards our property from thieves and robbers. In fairs and large gatherings, he has to do much work. In fairs, he helps women and children who lose their people and are in trouble.

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The policeman sometimes is transferred to the Crimi­nal Investigation Department. He then keeps himself unknown and watches secretly the movements of the bad characters. Whenever a demonstration is held or a movement is launched by some political party, the police man has a rough time. The Government is trying to punish the dishonest officers.

In Western countries the policeman is considered to be a very important man. Everybody has to obey him. Ministers have to obey him on the road. He thinks himself a public servant in true sense. In India, the policeman thinks himself an officer and not a servant. He does not think it his duty to help anyone in trouble. On the other hand, he troubles the poor and ignorant people. People cannot speak due to the fear of being beaten.

He has lost all feelings of kindness and sympathy. The policeman is a very important member of the Government. He should be more educated because an illiterate person does not know how to behave towards others. He should be picked up from cultured families.


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