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I believe that life is a win or lose situation, it is up to us to choose our path- we can choose to live our lives sad and full of regrets or we can live to the fullest with no regrets. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” This gives me, and hopefully everyone else who stumbles across this pearl of wisdom, hope for a better day. All throughout the day bad things may happen and just when it starts getting so dark we cannot find our way, we get a little glimmer of hope that turns any poor situation into a beautiful one.

This is what I believe optimism is all about. Optimism is a priority for a happy lifestyle; without it, many people do not achieve the things that they possibly could with positive thinking. Optimism is so important to have because throughout our lives, we will face unfortunate situations that make us want to hang our heads in discouragement and keep us from doing the things we want to do in our life. With optimism, people are able to cope with everyday problems life throws at them with ease, because they always remember within the darkest nights, stars will shine the brightest.Without optimism, life could throw the smallest hardship your way and it could turn out for the worst. With a good mindset, you will realize that nothing is the end of the world. No small little problem like money, people, or a job, will matter at all in the long run.

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When we die, I believe that we’ll go to Heaven. That, to me, is the ultimate prize over anything. Having a hard life isn’t going to matter the day we get to be with the Lord. Why should we spend what little infinity we have on Earth being sad or depressed? We should not. This is why we should be optimistic- why it is a priority- because without it, we would spend our whole lives living in constant fear, and to me, that is no way to live.

Living your life in fear and sorrow will also lead to stress and anxiety which could cause depression, and maybe even thoughts of ending your own life. This is why optimism is a priority, for mental health. Constantly stressing and worrying about every little thing in our lives will only lead to heartache and sorrows. Stressing will also keep people from doing things that may be considered some of the most fun things in our lives. Young people should not be worried about whether or not they will break their arm jumping off diving boards into the pool, or whether their clothes will smell bad from going to a bonfire with friends.

Silly little things like that; things that all children do and that all young people love; some people stress over because they do not have optimism. Optimistic people will look at any situation and think, “Even in the worst possible scenario, things could be worse.” This is why optimism is one of the biggest priorities in life is optimism. We have more fun with happiness.Before taking a quiz, we can choose to stay up the whole night before and stress over the grade we might make, or we can focus in class and study the key ideas and go to bed at an appropriate time. Whether we do “good” or “bad” on the quiz, we can always look at our mistakes and focus on what needs work for the test. This will not only save so much stress on us, but it will also improve our test grade. If we were to cram the night before the quiz, we would have just remembered it for the quiz and thought we understood it for the test, and we would have failed that portion of the final test.

This is why we should have optimism, because if you stress over the smallest things it will ultimately affect the important things in our lives, in this case it’s the test.Optimism is a priority. Victor Hugo, author of Les Miserables, once said “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” This is the true idea of optimism. At the end of the worst, most terrible day, we can fall asleep on our comfy pillows and realize that tomorrow is a new day, and we have so many more days in front of us that are full of opportunities to succeed even more than we ever thought we could. Optimism is a necessity for a happy, healthy, and full life.


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