Who Killed Jfk?

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Who Killed JFK?
Who Killed JFK? You may ask why I say this, but it’s something you really need
to know. If you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed him then you are taking part in
probably the biggest government conspiracy known to man. This massive cover-up will
last for years and probably violate every single law known to man.

Well, when the people started to get suspicious about the mystery involving the
murder, the government dispatched the Warren Commission to investigate and silence all
doubts concerning the mystery around the murder of President Kennedy. The warren
commission established a single bullet theory, which stated that two of President
Kennedy’s wounds and all five of Governor Connally’s were caused by the “magic”
bullet, to back up all claims that Lee Oswald was the only person shooting at the
president. In September 1964 the Warren Commission stated that they could find no
“credible” evidence that there was a conspiracy.

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The Warren Commission also wanted the people to believe the fatal head shot that
killed JFK was fired by Oswald. That means that the exit wound must be in the front of
the head and the entrance wound in the back of the head. All of the eye witnesses,
doctors, and nurses that saw the presidents head would of said that the exit of the bullet
was in the back of the head, which means that there was another shooter who was in front
of JFK. All of the real autopsy photographs of the presidents head showed that the exit
wound was in the back of the head, hard proof that there was another shooter which
means conspiracy.

Lee Oswald had no apparent motive to murder President Kennedy. There is not a
single known instance in Oswald’s life where he expressed even a slight negative
comment in reference to President Kennedy. Right after the shooting Patrolman Marion
Baker headed straight to where he thought the shots came from, The Texas School Book
Depository, 105 seconds after the first shot, when he reached the second floor cafeteria by
stairs, he saw Oswald sitting down drinking a coke, after a positive check to see if
Oswald worked there he headed up the back stairs on pursuit. While in jail the police
interrogated Oswald for twelve straight hours and failed to keep any written, tape, or
video record of the interrogation. Before Oswald had any chance to consult a lawyer he
was killed by Jack Ruby when being transferred by police. Was Oswald a cover-up guy
for the government to place blame on?
According to Robert Groden since November 1963, there have more than 400
deaths of witnesses to the assignation of President Kennedy, witnesses to Lee Oswald’s
activities, Jack Ruby’s associates, those involved in the medical procedures at Parkland
Hospital, and the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The causes of these deaths are
sometimes quite bazarre. Death by karate chop, gunshot, and slit throat are not exactly
natural causes of death, yet many obvious murders were deemed natural. The most
famous person to die was news reporter, Dorthy Kilagallen, who was the only person
allowed to interview Jack Ruby in jail. She stated that she would fly to New Orleans and
break this mystery wide open. On November 8,1963 she was found dead of a massive
barbiturate overdose. Was this murder or not?
Some people and groups who are possibly involved in the murder and cover-up
are people at odds with JFK or who had something to gain over his death. One possibility
are tyrannical and ego-centric head of FBI J. Edgar Hoover, who was also at war with
JFK. Some others are several powerful factions of the CIA and the Anti-Castro Cuban
community over the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

So who really killed JFK, well no one really knows because the government
buried all evidence deep within secret files for the protection of us. I believe that Oswald
is innocent and just a cover-up man, and it was high powered government officials who
had something to gain from his death. So who killed him, I will leave that to you.

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