Press of the important means of communication and

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Press educates the people’s mind on legal, educational, historical, economic, political and social topics. It makes democracy a true success by rightly directing the public.

Press is one of the important means of communication and a channel to link the government with the people. Government places its policies, laws and programmes only through press. Then it seeks the reaction of public. In democracy newspaper serves as a brake or check on the swift speed of Government’s working. Again press is the best means of advertisement. The newspapers help in the development of trade and commerce.

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People get jobs through wants columns. Matrimonial columns provide opportunity to young boys and girls to get his or her life’s suitable partner. Press is the best source of entertainment through stories, tit-bits, dialogues and sports news. A social reformer can be made aware of the evils of the society, and an economist can be acquainted with the various economic imbal­ances and the speculator can be made familiar with the value and sale of the share in the open market by the newspaper. Misuse of Press, may however, create havoc, even civil wars. Such misuse should be curbed with iron hands.

The press should aim at the prosperity of the nation in every sphere from all points and quarters. Thus we see that the newspaper or press serves are variety of dishes to taste of all.


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