What Is Not an Influencer Marketing

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Just before you commit and boo-boo that may lead you off the right track, this is an excellent time to point out that influencer marketing is not only about finding a person with an audience and offering them some sum of money or exposure so they can put in a right word or two for your brand. That’s what viral celebrities are meant for. Influencers are the sets of people who have spent a lot of time building on their brand and keenly cultivating their audience. These people will naturally be protective of their reputation and the people who trust them. They have had the patience and ardent focus to succeed on the full social media, paying attention to and getting one organic follower at a time. People like this aren’t easily interested in a quick payout.

Also, influencer marketing is not about quick payouts. It has just the same kind of slow and steady approach as Social Media and Content Marketing, in which your campaign will not be necessarily about demonstrating the authority you wield, your credibility and thought-leadership within your industry. Influencer marketing is about becoming synonymous with whatever it is you have in the offing, such as when people ask for a Kleenex instead of a tissue.

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With social media marketing, it is a regular game of garnering the kind of followership base who are going to be not just loyal but engaged as well. It may be tempting to have the thought that joining forces with an influencer has to be the easiest way possible to get on the right sides of your potential customers and palpate their minds into patronizing you. No, it’s not that simple. That’s because for you to be able to ally with influencers in the best, most organic way possible, you have got first to earn their trust and respect.

How to go about that is a talk for another time. You need to be able to know the difference between influencer marketing and getting in celebrities good graces. Why do you think Ronaldinho is featured in a TV ad for Pepsi? It’s influence. If you generalize your approach to find and make use of different influencers, it won’t work. In the world where these guys rule, one size doesn’t fit all, so you have to tailor your approach to meet the specific driving vehicle for your brand.

Also, if you look at the sheer popularity of the influencer, being that influence doesn’t only mean notoriety, you will miss the point. Keeping in mind that its goal is to elicit a specific action from your prospective customers.

As far as we can tell, influencer marketing pays off. These statistics prove so:

  • 70 percent of teenage YouTube subscribers trust the opinions of influencers over traditional celebrities.
  • On an average, businesses generate USD 6.50 for every USD 1 invested in influencer marketing.
  • A high percentage of people who have used influencer marketing say that it is beneficial.
  • 51 percent of marketers believe they get more quality customers from influencer marketing.
  • 59 percent of marketers increased their influencer marketing budgets last year.

Let’s just really come down and face it that people, as opposed to corporations or ads, have the tendency to trust what other people say. This is the reason behind influencer marketing becoming such a powerful and effective strategy to get products and services over to the consumers.

Though one cannot instantly befriend the thousands and millions of people out there, one can help one influencer. When one aligns one’s brand with an influencer, one would be positioning one’s product or service for display to the already established vast network of individuals who trust the words of the influencer you decide to work with.

As outbound advertising keeps on rolling out and inbound advertising turns out to be progressively mainstream, influencer marketing has fast become one of the most effective techniques for attracting customers. Consumers we have today are not the same as the ones we had in the past. They no longer listen or believe everything they see on TV or the radio. Billboards are no longer read, and the information is no longer taken to heart. Consumers no longer have trust for large companies, well, at least not until they take out some time to know them or for the company to get on their trust book. What they do nowadays, is listen to what other people like them have to say.

Influencer marketing can make up a large chunk of an inbound marketing campaign. This it does because it is staffed with the responsibility of generating and distributing content about your brand. When influencers recommend your brand to their base of following, they become a kind of extension of your company’s marketing department. Even though this is a generally new method, it keeps on being a suitable answer for advertisers who will realize new possibilities of building a reliable customer base with their actual market.


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