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 All this was clearly visible is the previous years results. The meeting lasted a good hour before we all stood up and were ready to be given a full tour of the building and meet some of the students. Unexpectedly the other 5 candidates were paired up with a deputy head teacher. However I found myself to be lucky and honoured enough to have the chance to be shown round the school by Mr Stewart.

I believed this would give me a slight advantage of getting to know the school better and it could have possibly affected the outcome of who was to be headmaster.Before we began the tour, Mr Stewart stressed to me that the schools welfare was very important and required a lot of time, patience, money and planning. I noted the comment but I knew I was prepared to take on the challenge, and get the best out of the pupils as possible if I got the job. Nothing was going to put me off now, I could see my name joining the other previous headmasters on the large board just outside the reception, as well as scribbled under all of the desks throughout the school!Mr Stewart put several questions to me, but the most important one which I was enthusiastically prepared to answer was, ‘what exactly are you expecting from this school and what would you change? ‘ Without hesitating I explained that getting students the best results would be my highest priority but a lot of other rules would be adopted and changed to allow that to happen. Behaviour of students would be monitored and there would only be one second chance, I told him that I would not allow any teacher to be treated disrespectfully nor would I allow any lessons to be interrupted by any individuals.I explained how I was going to be very harsh on misbehaving boys and I believed that this would make a vast difference to the results. The tidiness of the students was to be perfect, all shirts were to be always tucked in, top buttons always done up, blazers to be worn at all times and ties to be of a certain length.

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Anyone found to be abusing the system would be severely dealt with, I told him how the image of the school would be very important to me as it would reflect back on me.With the money available I said how I would like to try and purchase as many useful and practical facilities for the boys as possible to aide them in their education. This would include more up to date computers, new TVs for the classrooms, new books and also new facilities for activities out of lessons such as new gym equipment, new rugby kits and equipment and other such beneficial things.

I had put forward some of my plans if I were to receive the position of headmaster at SGS and it was now time for me to analyse what the school was currently like and consider the changes I would have to make.I was already convinced this was a respectable school by the grades and formality of the interviews and meetings. Mr Stewart first of all led me to a few classrooms on the ground floor introducing me to several classes, all from different years. I was fairly disappointed with the attitude of students towards their dress as ties were lose around necks, shirts hung out, trousers hung low and tacky bands wrapped around their arms gave them a daunting and untidy look.

However after spending a fair amount time in the lessons I was very impressed with the level of teaching and discipline and I tried to ignore the idea that the teachers may be making an extra effort on my behalf. The class rooms were very old fashioned as was the method of teaching with only a few signs of modern technology creeping into a couple of classrooms. I was a great believer in making the most of new technology and I believed it would make a great difference to the pupil’s attention in class, the standard of their understanding and work and their overall grades.I was given a final tour around the school building to be appalled by the amount of litter polluting the cramped corridors with locker doors left open and school bags randomly strewed across the floors. A distinctive smell of rotten sandwiches spread through the corridors, no doubt been left in boy’s lockers or thrown behind the lockers. I was surprised at the number of students wondering the corridors during lesson time, and pretty appalled at the number of boys standing outside of the classrooms who I assumed had been sent out for misbehaving.I knew if I was to get the job then things would tighten up and I would hop harsher discipline would bring the boys into line.

Overall, from what I could make out of the school I was very impressed but was slightly disappointed by the negligence and negative, childish attitudes of some of the boys. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Teaching section.


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