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S. W. L. C. achieves the above aims with the help of a fully established and maintained equal opportunities committee whose purpose is to ensure and actively implement the policy into all aspects of the college’s work and operations. The college ensures that it creates a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere including and in particular the expectation that all staff and students will adhere to the college values. S. W. L. C. also provides groups of students and/or staff with equal opportunities awareness and training were appropriate.

S. W. L. C.now meets the requirements of the Race Relations Amendment Act by monitoring and reviewing various functions and activities. Through appropriateness of marketing and publicity, the college entails that the local communities are fully aware of the college’s courses, programmes and staff vacancies. S. W. L. C. ensures that students are placed on appropriate courses, which relate to their individual needs. Which enables them to meet their full potential. S. W. L. C. ensures that appropriate support is available to all students, particularly those with special needs.

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The policy has made considerable links between the Race Relation’s Amendment Act 2000 and the policy statement. The college eliminates unlawful racial discrimination and actively promotes equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups. The college has identified certain functions as being the most important to monitor: 1. Student Admissions and Progression 2. Behaviour and Discipline 3. Support, Guidance and Counselling 4. Allegations of Racial Harassment and Reports of Racial Incidents. 5. Student Achievement and Retention.

6. Access to Learning Support 7. Recruitment and Training of staff and the Composition of the Workforce. Whatever its appropriateness the monitoring will be extended to cover gender, age, disability and language status of the students. The range of monitoring will be reviewed after twelve months to assess its effectiveness. Thereafter, reviews will be every three years to ensure continuity of depth. The report and decisions if any will be published/publicised internally, on the college intranet and externally, on the college website. S. W. L.

C’s equal opportunity policy has been outlined as above, it’s obvious that the college has strong views and opinions on equal opportunities. As a member of the teaching staff, I have been to numerous induction seminars about equal opportunities. These seminars have helped to raise awareness within the college and with the members of the teaching staff. As an ESOL teacher it is imperative that equal opportunities is actively promoted within the classroom and within the staff room. During induction week student charters are distributed and it is the teachers responsibility that all the students understand it.

The college has produced different levels of English student charters and also in a vast array of languages. The teacher also delivers a session on equal opportunities drawing upon the student’s own definitions and the teacher elicits a natural discussion from the students. Through out the college the students will see posters, flyers, and literature etc. that actively promotes equal opportunities. The students have access to the colleges intranet and on this website they will encounter a lot of information about the policy and how they can actively promote it.

At the beginning of each term I write a scheme of work for every class that I teach. As a teacher it is imperative that I reflect on the colleges policy in the scheme of work and in my lesson planning. When writing the scheme of work I look at festivals, which will fall in that term for example: Autumn term, Diwali, Ramadan, Eid and Christmas are the most celebrated days. I then look at the calendar and during these weeks my lessons will revolve around these festivities. The students will produce picture displays, written displays and oral presentations.

The whole class will be actively involved in promoting these festivities. ESOL resources are difficult to come by and like most teachers I produce my own resources. Through these resources I actively promote the colleges equal opportunities policy. I use contextual situations, which will have a relevance to the student. I also use names of people, countries, languages of different cultural backgrounds. When preparing listening activities for the students I use people with different accents so that the students can relate to them.

At the end of the autumn term I always organise an end of term party and I aim to make this as culturally diverse as possible. In the past I have selected a popular Indian film and translated it into English and the stronger students have acted in this film. While other students do international dances and sing international songs. The food at these parties is from every nationality and so is the music. It is a wonderful experience and the students really benefit from this they bond with each other and the English Language just flows naturally.

The students pre-conceived ideas about other nationalities just disappear during this party. Within the classroom I always differentiate in the students learning and in the resources that I produce. In my lessons the weaker students are matched with stronger students and I produce differentiated worksheets, which I use within the classroom. Yet the students never know any of this – this is what I call ‘equality of opportunity’ which I always practice. The students aims and goals are regularly reviewed by the teacher and discussed with the student and if need be new goals are decided upon.

Each of my students are treated equally but always in accordance with their needs. In this essay I have examined and explored different definitions of equal opportunities. I have concentrated on Southall and West London Colleges equal opportunity policy and discussed how I actively promote equal opportunities. 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Teaching section.


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