Unit 2 Business Resources

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Unit 2 Business Resources M2: Asses the importance of employability and personal skills in recruitment and retention of staff and selected organisations. Interview Preparation Researching what to do in an interview can be one of the main phases of the actual interview. This is because if I am more prepared for the questions that I am going to be asked then I will be more prepared in giving the right answers so I get the job. Also knowing more about the interview will benefit me because I will be more confident when I go into the interview.

The more information that I know about the job is of great importance because the interview is the most important phase of recruitment when I am applying for a specific job role. The knowledge I have of this job the better because the person who does the interview will be impressed with the amount of knowledge I have. This is why I need to know the most about the job. For the interview research on the location is vital because, I will need to be on time to the interview.

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This is important because this will show to the person doing the interview that I am punctual and will give me a greater chance at getting the job. Also think about questions to ask the person who is doing the interview for example how much wages will I be paid and also if there will be any training needed. This will show them that I am interested in the job so I will have a greater chance of getting the job. Dressing correctly I will be sure to dress professionally when going for an interview. This is because the employer will see that I am hygienic and smart.

Also when I am dressed smart it will make me look more confident in what I am talking about. Most jobs require their employees to dress professional and if they come to the interview dressed informally then the employer will think they are no serious about the job and not consider giving them the job placement. To arrive on time I will make sure that I arrive on time to the interview. This will show the employer that I am punctual and can be trusted with time deadlines and will always arrive on time for work.

This will show the employer that I will be able to organise myself, wake up earlier to make sure they get to work on time the employer will know they can trust the employee with keys to the business if they are going to be on time. This will give me a better chance of getting the job. Showing respect I will make sure that I always show respect to the employer. This will give me a greater chance of getting the job because they will know that I will be respectful to all the customers and getting good workplace relationships is a goal for any employee.

I will also make sure that at the interview I will use formal language. If a person that is going to an interview starts talking informally like when they speak to their friends or when they are writing letters use informal language like what they use when they are texting the employer will find that disrespectful and might give the job to someone else. Humour/Appreciating other people It is very important to have humour as an employability skill.

This is because any work given I will not take it lightly and any work given I will be able to take advice from other employees and appreciate the help I get from them so it will be a good staff relationship. Having a little bit of humour while I work will make sure that the work gets done because if I take it too serious then I will to stressed and there will be areas of the work where they might be errors so it is good to take work serious but not too serious. Showing confidence It is good when applying for a job role to be confident.

This is because it will show the employer that you will not be afraid to approach customers to make sales and also that you are ok with meeting new people. Also when talking about the job I will sound professional and they will think I have experience in the job before and all businesses will be looking for people who have experience in the job so I will have a greater chance of getting the job. Recruitment I will send of my C. V and a covering letter to the employer and the employer will look at the CV first to find out my attributes and skills.

The employer will then look at the covering letter to find out more about me and the covering letter will show the employer that I have good communication skills and have the ability to write formal letters so they will choose me to come for an interview and after the covering letter that is all the employer knows about me until the interview. The employer will then send out a letter to me saying that they want me to come for an interview and will have the date, time and place I have to go to for the interview.

I will then have from the time I get the letter to find as much I can about the business and the job role like what the job role will include and what the business does. I will then have to think of some questions to ask while I am in the interview to let the employer know that I am interested in the job and also research on some questions that I may be asked during the interview so that I am well prepared for whatever they may ask me so that I give the right answers to get me the job.

I will then have to go to the interview making sure that I am on time for the interview so the employer will know that I am punctual and also make sure that I am dressed professionally so I will be wearing a suite and not a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms because they are not professional clothing and also make sure my phone does not go off during the interview and that I shake the hand of my employer and make sure that I answer all the questions formally and make sure I sit up in the chair and look professional because that will be the first impression that the employer will have of me. Retaining staff

There are many ways employers can retain the staff they have and they are: Giving the staff benefits There are many benefits the employers can give to their employees and they can range from them getting fringe benefits which can include the employer giving the employee staff discounts in parts of the store, giving the employee a free company phone or car, they can also give the employee a free admission to some workplaces they are involved with. They can also give other benefits that include bonuses if they complete all their work to high standard at the end of the year and also give them pay rises and also give them Christmas bonuses.

Another way they can retain their staff is to other the most loyal and hard working staff members a promotion or pay rise. Giving the staff training There are other ways an employer can retain their staff and this is by sending them on training weekends to make them more qualified in different areas in the business and also it is cheaper than hiring new staff because they will need more pay and also have to go on training to make sure they can deal with all the work that can be given to them.

There are two different ways an employer can train their staff and they are on-site training were they get someone who already knows what they have got to do to train the newer employees to the business or the other way is to send the employee of to a training weekend were they can learn from professionals. The disadvantage of using this kind of training is that it cost more to send employees on training weekends then to do on-site training.


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