Types of teachers

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As junior university students,we soon will graduate. During so many years of studying,we all have been experiencing some frustrations adjusting to school. But we have learned how to survive various types of teachers after all these years. They influence us more or less in our lives. 1. Parents-like teachers. Mostly we can find such teachers in kindergarten. They always appear young and pretty;they care about all the things you have done;they will help you dress up,play with you ,sing and dance with you. They know exactly what you like or dislike and they wouldn’t force you to do homework.

They will clean your face when you make mud on it;they will company you to washing room ,for you always mistake the way to it. Every morning when your parents send you to kindergarten ,you will see them standing at the gate to welcome you. Every night,they will stay with you until your parents come to pick you up. They are the only persons in kndergarten you can turn to for help and also the only persons you want to please there. Your heart fills with joy when they praise you. Maybe because such teachers always stay with children, their voice and behavior are a bit childlike.

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When you grow up and go back to visit them ,you will find them more like your little sisters. 2. Friends-like teachers. Such teachers have most homonious relations with their students. You and them can always find common interests to share . They will talk about Modana,Backstreet Boys ,Macker Jordan and so on. They also will invite you to their homes to lend you books. Likewise,you trust them and confide to them. Sometimes you even can play joke on them—-they will not be annoyed. In their classes,the atmosphere is most active. You can raise questions freely and when you fail to answer the questions you needn’t be afraid of being punished.

But a coin has two sides,such teachers seldom can make any teaching achievements ,for they are always interrupted by laugh,jokes or noise made by their students. 3. Policemen-like teachers. Since you enter the school gate,there will be such teachers monitoring you. They also care what you take,what you wear ,what you read but what they want is to find what’s wrong with you. All the things you do in school are in the custody of them and they even know what you do at home,for they often keep close touch with your parents. They have marvellous ,excellent,and computer-like memories—to store all your bad records.

Once you make a mistake,they will immediately mention the other similar mistakes made by you exactly to the date,time and place. You never argu with them,because all they say is true. When you talk to them,you will get a feeling that you seem to be naked. All your current thoughts can be perceived by them. What’s worse,you cannot find anything to cover yourself. 4. Authority-like teachers. Such teachers are famous for their broad and profound knowledge. They can answer whatever kind of questions related to their subject raised by their students.

You trust them and firmly believe they are some persons who can quickly give you the right answers all the times,actually,they are. It seems that no related academic questions will stump them. When you talk to them,you will suddenly find yourself chichenshit. You never argu with them ,in fact,you have no need or reason to . All you can do in class is to listen attentively ,to follow on the heels of them. Out of respect,a highly respect for authority,the classroom is always quiet ;no students chat,laugh ,sleep or do other things. You know it clearly that if you miss anything in class,it will be a great loss for you.

5 . Tyrant-like teachers. Such teachers are always noisy. They will shout to students and clout the dais with pointer;they will criticize students sparing no feelings of others and assign millions of homework. They are also inventors ,inventing different kinds of punishments. When talking to them ,your heart will step on the juice,you will sweat and you will stammer let alone raise questions. You never argu with them,in fact,you have no guts to. All you can do in class is to listen nervously to be fear of being asked to answer questions.

Similarly, no students chat,laugh ,sleep or do other things in class. The classroom is absolutely quiet but what’s different is that such quietness is not because of respect,it is out of fear,a highly fear for being punished. There are many other types of teachers,I won’t mention here. No matter which type your teachers belong to,I think, qualified teachers should be kind , knowledgeable and what’s more,constructive,for they are not only the ones to teach us knowledge, but also they will serve as beacons on our road to success.


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