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Transportation is a movement from place to place by some type of vehicle – car, boat, plane, train, motorcycle, skateboard – whatever moves us from point A to point B.

The transportation system has changed and developed in many ways over the past two or three decades. In Morocco, which is my country, transportation has changed dramatically from my grandmother’s day to the present including the cost of transportation, it’s rules and regulations. Some of those changes have improved the transportation system while other changes have been detrimental.First, the time component is an important consideration and it’s associated with service. In the past, 40% of the roads in Morocco were in poor condition. This issue led to wasting time getting from one place to another. Today, it’s easier than ever because back roads have improved and freeways have been built to solve the congestion issue. As a result, this change helped improve the entire economic system in Morocco.

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For example, most companies are no longer wasting time delivering their products by using old, dangerous roads, or poorly constructed freeways. Second, the cost of transportation in my Grandmother’s day was much less expensive than today. In the past, people visited their families every holiday and during the summer because the cost of transportation was affordable; but today, the cost of transportation in Morocco has increased two or three times to what it was before due to high fuel costs, security and safety issues. So families with low incomes can’t afford transportation – leading them to work and shop as close to home as possible.

In this way, improved transportation in Morocco has stopped the overall betterment of the country.Finally, the new rules and regulations of transportation in Morocco are not accepted by all the Moroccan people. In addition, in my Grandmother’s day, people were afraid of breaking the law. That is why most of them followed rules and…


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