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Those who would trade their liberties for a little safety deserve neitherliberty nor safety. That quote by Benjamin Franklin described mindset thatleads to totalitarian government. The British novelist, George Orwell is knownfor his chilling governmental satire. Animal Farm, his other well-known novel isa look into the past, his novel 1984 was a eerie prophecy into the not sodistant future. This view of a negative Utopia has become so well known thatpeople who believe in his theory are called Orwellian. But do we exist in amanner similar to the prophecy of the world in which he claimed to be what lifewould be like in 1984? The answer is No, but in just a few years we could.

Ironically one of the greatest differences in our society and the society ofOrwell, is that in 1984, the gene which leads to sex has been suppressed. For Inour society promiscuity and suggestiveness have gotten maybe not more common butcertainly more public. When Orwell published 1984, this seemed to be a logicalconclusion that such an event might happen. For in the Post- World War II,generation sex was expressly hidden. For example on television the Rock musicianElvis Presley was not shown below the hips because it was considered far toosuggestive.

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In this aspect Our Society more resembles the other most famousnovel of a negative utopia, Aldous Huxleys Brave New World. However we doshare some similarities. Part of the power base in 1984 has its powerexclusively through the deception of the people. Winston for example accepts thefact that two plus two does in fact equal five. As we know, two plus twoequals four. The most important way in which we can prevent turnining into anOrwellian society is to not be able to be misled. To prevent the society ofwhich we live from becoming Orwellian we must stave off apathy.

For it is aslippery slope and if we take the first step down it we could live in anOrwellian totalitarian state. Closing, we do not as of today live in thesociety, which Orwell predicted. We still maintain a level of personal freedomin the United States greater than that described in 1984. However other nationsof this world, the Peoples Republic of China comes to mind, where they live in asemi-Orwellian world. Even though we tend to say it cant happen here,it can. Thats what they would have said in Germany in the twenties or Russiain the Pre-World War One era. It can happen here and it shall if we do notremember the lesson of the American President Thomas Jefferson The Price ofliberty is Eternal Vigilance.Government


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