1. management’s ability to motivate its employees,

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1. Motivation is one of the important elements in the directing process. By motivat­ing the workers, a manager directs or guides the workers’ actions in the desired direction for accomplishing the goals of the organisation.

2. Workers will tend to be as efficient as possible by improving upon their skills and knowledge so that they are able to contribute to the progress of the organisation thereby increasing productivity. 3. For performing any tasks, two things are necessary. They are (a) ability to work and (b) willingness to work.

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Without willingness to work, ability to work is of no use. The willingness to work can be created only by motivation. 4. Organisational effectiveness becomes to some degree a question of management’s ability to motivate its employees, to direct at least a reasonable effort towards the goals of the organisation. 5.

Motivation contributes to good industrial relations in the organisation. When the workers are motivated, contented and disciplined, the frictions between the workers and the management will be reduced. 6. Motivation is the best remedy for resistance to changes. When changes are introduced in an organisation, generally, there will be resistance from the work­ers. But if the workers of an organisation are motivated, they will accept, introduce and implement the changes whole heartily and help to keep the organisation on the right track of progress. 7.

Motivation facilitates the maximum utilisation of all factors of production, human, physical and financial resources and thereby contributes to higher pro­duction. 8. Motivation promotes a sense’ of belonging among the workers. The workers feel that the enterprise belongs to them and the interests of the enterprise are their interests.


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