2. Thus, training helps in building an

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2. Better Organisational Climate:Ah endless chain of positive reactions result from a well planned training programme. Increased morale, less supervisory pressures, improved product quality, increased financial incentives, internal promotions etc., result in better organisational climate.

3. Less Supervision:Training does not eliminate the need for supervision, but it reduces the need for constant supervision. 4. Prevents Manpower Obsolescence:Manpower obsolescence is prevented by training as it fosters the initiative and creativity of employees. An employee is able to adapt himself to technological changes.

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5. Economical Operations:Trained personnel will make economical use of materials and equipment. This will reduce wastage in materials and damage to machinery and equipments. 6. Prevents Industrial Accidents:Proper training can help to prevent industrial accidents. 7. Improves Quality:Trained employees are less likely to make operational mistakes thereby increasing the quality of the company’s products. 8.

Greater Loyalty:A common objective of training programme will mould employees’ attitudes to achieve support for organisational activities and to obtain better cooperation and greater loyalty. Thus, training helps in building an efficient and loyal work force. 9. To Fulfil Organisation’s Future Personnel Needs:When the need arises, organisational vacancies can be staffed from internal sources, if an organisation initiates and maintains an adequate training programme. 10. Standardisation of Procedures:Trained employees will work intelligently and make fewer mistakes when they possess the required know-how and have an understanding of their jobs.


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