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Three Reasons Why Sex Education Should Be Taught In Schools As a mother of three children, I have the responsibility and obligation to provide for my children and teach them how to be a healthy and productive human being.

Knowledge is important in every aspect of life, including sex education. Sex is used more and more each day in the media and it is resulting in children being intrigued at an earlier age than ever. Sex is a natural part of life but it can also result in problems. Three reasons why sex education should be taught in school are: teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and self-respect.The first reason why sex education should be taught in school is teenage pregnancy. According to the CDC, “ in 2009 , a total of 409,840 infants were born to 15-19 year olds, for a live birth rate of 39. 1 per 1,000 women in this age group.

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” Teenage pregnancy has tremendous effects from family life to U. S. taxpayers. The teenage mother is more likely to not graduate from high school as a single parent and raise the child in poverty.

U. S. taxpayers also pay billions of dollars yearly for foster care and health care resulting from the teenage pregnancy. Mother, child, and society have consequences of the pregnancy.The second reason that sex education should be taught in school is the risk sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. Rates for teens getting and transmitting STD’S are soaring.

The Kaiser Family Foundation reported 65% of all sexually transmitted infections contracted by Americans this year will occur to people under 24. One in four new HIV infections occurs in people younger than 22. Dr.

Ted Fienberg, assistant executive director of the National Association of School Psychologists also said, “There’s a disconnect somewhere. Someone’s not getting the message.We need to find out why and help our kids be more responsible. ” The importance of letting the child know that if they do decide to take the enormous step of having sex, they have to protect themselves it is a matter of life of death. The third reason that sex education should be taught in school is self-respect. I think the child should also know how important is to respect yourself and not to succumb to peer pressure and main stream.

The choice to say no for now is acceptable and is also the safest. That having sex is very personal and special to be shared with someone you love and want to have a family with.I think that if the child is taught at home about morals and self-worth concurrent with the school, children will chose appropriately.

I think sex education should be mandatory in the school curriculum. Our children are the most precious resource and we must protect them. Teen pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, AIDS, and self-respect are reasons that sex education must be taught at school.

Our children’s future depends on it. Sources: http://www. cdc. gov/teenpregnancy/AboutTeenPreg. htm http://www.

msnbc. msn. com/id/3071001/ns/health-childrens_health/t/carnal-knowledge-sex-ed-debate/


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