A ratio of guns per citizen, but

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A clear and accurate picture of thestateofaffairsinUSAis depicted in thedocumentary BowlingforColumbine’.

TheDirectorand Writer of thefilmMichaelMoore,conveysthefeelingofalmostall Americans of today, which is this: why are Americans so very fondofguns’ Why are Americans so very fond of shooting at one another attheslightest provocation’ Why are leaders advocating the useofhandguns’Whyareso many people killing each other; the rate of such killingsbeingmuchmore than the average ratio of any other developed country’ Forexample,Canada has a similar ratio of guns per citizen, but a mere tenth of deathsdueto random shootings. The directormakesAmericanspondertheseissuesand plenty more such as: why do Americans need theprotectionofguns’Can’t American citizens live without the security blanket offered by thepresence of a gun’ Why does news on the television aim at focusing on violentcrimes and bleeding deaths’ Why does the news base itsemphasisonthesescenes even if the rate of crime is at a decline- the TV news coverage ofviolence is up by 600%’ (Bowling for Columbine) The scene of massacre is the Columbine High School wherethereisa shoot out, and students are dead or injured.TheDirectorMichaelMoore, who plays a sharp shooting teacher in the film, returns manytimestothe ColumbineHighSchooltoshowtheviewershorrifyingscenesofthe massacre. Two students areseriouslyinjuredandlieatthesceneof carnage completely shocked and bewildered.

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The Director whoispresentat the scene makes a startling comment that all the bullets that wereusedin he shoot out at the School had actually been sold to theteenagedstudents at the rate of a mere 17 cents per bullet! The placethathadsoldthese bullets was Kmart and thisshop…


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