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The three competitive products which can be compared are the Wii, Xbox Kinect and the PS3 Move. The Wii does not have the advanced graphics like the two competitors but that was the aim of Nintendo. The Wii uses a wireless remote and motion sensing technology unlike its competitors which use a remote less sensor device which responds to movement’s, gestures and audio made by the user.

The console comes complete as a motion sensing console unlike the other two consoles which require add-ons for the sensing technology. The Wii remote connects via Bluetooth to the console and is battery powered.The Wii unlike the kinect does not require a large clear space to move and play in [10]. The Wii has the largest selection of motion sensing games available unlike the Move and Kinect which have a limited number.

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The Wii has been around for longer than the other two consoles and has outperformed them in terms of sales. The Wii was a purpose built motion sensing gaming console. It is easy to use and has opened up gaming to people of all ages from 3 to 112 years [9]. The Wii offers users the chance for gamers to stay healthy while still having fun as an individual or as a group.Wii Fit offers the added benefit of helping fight against osteoporosis. “The difference with the Wii is that Nintendo chooses a path astray from the arms’ race to better technology and builds a product that, although technically inferior, sets to capture the lion’s share of the market by focusing its firepower on factors besides the technical prowess” [5]. Wii is the cheapest console of the three competing in the market. Unlike the other consoles no extra sensing add-ons are required to be purchased separate from the console.

For the Kinect an Xbox 360 is required and for the Move a PS3 is required adding the addition cost of the console to the sensing technology makes the Wii more attractive overall. A Wii typically retails for $149, the PS Move for $400 while the kinect for in the range of $300 [11]. The Wii has proven to be an innovative product through its design which incorporated simple and easy to follow gaming with motion sensing technology. Through opening up to a new market the Wii invited gamers of all ages from young to old.

The affordable price of the complete gaming package along with the selection of game titles available meant it was a popular choice for family entertainment. Weaknesses During the period of 1996-2004 before the Wii was launched Nintendo were struggling in the gaming markets with the failure of the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo 64 [9]. Due to the poor sales of previous consoles Nintendo didn’t forecast the success of the Wii correctly and when the Wii was launched Nintendo where unable to keep up supply for game consoles.Before the Wii launch Nintendo where restricting the games which third party company’s could produce for their gaming consoles. However since the launch of the Wii Nintendo has managed to resolve issues with third party companies and now more titles are available for the Wii. Nintendo aimed to produce a low cost gaming console this did however; impact on the gaming graphics which lagged greatly behind the PS3 which was launched at the same time.

The low cost of the Wii compared to its competitors has allowed the Wii to outsell all the other competition consoles in the market. The vast age group using the console has meant that if Nintendo can keep the fun factor in the Wii it will stay a popular choice among its target market. Threats Due to the current economic climate rising oil prices could be a concern for the low priced Wii. The game sales could fall due to recession cut backs by struggling families. The rise in shipping costs could impact on the transport price of each unit meaning an increase cost to the consumer.References:[1] http://www., accessed 14/02/2012[2], accessed 14/02/2012[3] http://www.

pdf, accessed 14/02/2012[4] Truong, J. “It’s The Wii”, 2008[5] O’Gorman, P. “Wii: Creating a Blue Ocean The Nintendo Way”, 2008[6] Cormican, K., Lecture notes “Analyse Markets”, 2012[7] Cormican, K., Lecture notes “Assess Opportunity”, 2012[8], accessed 14/02/2012[9] Moats, B., Marketing Plan for Marketing Management, 2008[10], accessed 14/02/2012[11], accessed 14/02/2012[12], accessed 14/02/2012


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