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The story of the Vietnam conflict is one that will forever mark an important part of the world’s history. The Vietnam conflict divided the world firmly into two camps, supporters of the south and supporters of the north. Ngo Dinh Diem was the president of South Vietnam for several years. During his reign the United States and other nation voiced strong opinions about his rise to power, and the actions he took once he was president.

Diem spent his life preparing for that power, and the historical events just before he took over helped cement his ability to install himself as leader, to a nation, that would go down in history as one of the most stubborn and strong nations on earth. His rise to power cumulated in a United States sanctioned overthrow of then Emperor Bao Dai in 1955[1]. He then spent almost a decade at the helm of the nation while practicing oppressive and demanding politics. He cancelled democratic elections to insure that the competition would not be voted in. He was assassinated in 1963[2]. For one to understand how he became as powerful as he did and what allowed him to over through an in place regime one must understand the events that led to his rise in power. It is important to understand the life of Ngo Dinh Diem so that one can begin to understand what drove him to the power he Diem was born in a city called Hue which was the original capital of the Ngyuen Dynasty Vietnam. When he grew into a young man he became a civil servant in the Emperor government of Bao Dai[4].

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He was a strong nationalist and was said to speak out as an anti communist throughout his initial adult life. Diem was not a stranger…


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