This espoused cultures and culture-in-practice in the company.

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This write-up examines the actual culture in practice at one of the multinational companies in Nigeria – Cadbury Nigeria Plc.

From the myriad of culture definitions available, the student has picked the most relevant. The organization’s HRM practices are then analyzed with a view to determining how they have impacted on the actual culture. An analysis of the espoused culture provides a critique of the differences between the 2 kinds of organizational cultures outlined in the texts (espoused and actual).To these, has been added a third type of culture, (the perceived culture). An examination of the ongoing business re-engineering initiatives of the company is done, with a view to underscoring the importance of the awareness of culture change to the organization’s business strategy.

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In addition, insight(s) as to the approach to change management is described. Finally, recommendations are provided as to how to provide for a better strategic fit between espoused cultures and culture-in-practice in the company. Outline 1.Introduction a.

What culture is b. Cadbury Nigeria Plc: A cultural overview 2. Extracting CN’s core values a. Espoused culture: A description b. Culture-in-practice. c. The link between espoused, actual culture and employee motivation in CN. 3.

An examination of CN’s HRM practices in relation to the culture-in-practice. a. Main HRM practices that shape organizational culture 4. Espoused culture Vs Culture in practice: Drawbacks of misalignment 5. Conclusions and recommendations. 6. References Introduction What is culture?”Organisational culture is defined as the shared values, norms, behaviours, assumptions and expectations that guide organisation members in terms of how to approach their work and deal with each other and their customers. ” 1 This best describes how culture in the organisation operates in my own environment.

An overview of Cadbury Nigeria Plc Cadbury Nigeria Plc (CN) is an associate company of the Cadbury Schweppes UK. Founded in 1965, it employs a little over 2000 workers. Its core business mission is as follows: The national culture(s) of the Nigerian environment in which CN is located is indeed a complex one.Firstly, Nigeria is made of 250 ethnic groups, with 3 major tribes (based on size) of the Ibo, Yoruba and Hausa. Hence there is a myriad of subcultures inherent in the organisational culture typology of CN.

This is a source of conflict in the company. Majority of CN’s employees are of the Yoruba tribe, hence it can be said that the dominant culture is clearly identifiable. Extracting CN’s core values Espoused Culture: A Description Drawing from a number of cultural artifacts, beliefs and basic assumptions amongst other cultural elements, it can be deduced that CN espouses:Integrity/transparency: Its management claims that these are central to business operations. In a country rife with corruption, this is a means to convey good corporate governance and an ethical image.

  A highly motivating work environment, where staff turnover is low. In practice, staff turnover is low in CN, but whether this is as result of high motivational levels, is something that is probed further on.  Production oriented, in the sense that its products are in high demand, hence there is a need to churn out large volumes of brands to the market.Being part of a successful multinational concern, CN prides itself in being an employer of choice and equal opportunity employer. This, it attributes in part, to its ability to attract and retain a brilliant crop of managers and blue-collar workers.

  The assumption that CN has an excellent reputation as evidenced by various awards won in the country, such as the Nigerian Stock Exchange – most compliant quoted company, which it has won about 3 times. And more recently, Nigeria’s most respected company award (2005) – an independent study carried out by the Businessday newspaper and Pricewatercoopers Nigeria.


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