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THE NEED FOR COUNSELLING IN KENYA AND THE WORLD TODAY On September 12,2011 over a hundred people were feared dead in a morning inferno that happened in the Sinai slums. Victims of the Sinai fire and relatives of the deceased needed counselling in order to cope with the trauma as a result of the fire. When one looses a cherished one ,one goes through various phases. This stages are denial,anger,bargaining,depression and finally acceptance. There is need for counselling as one goes through this painful process.

The bereaved received psycological counselling at the Tom Mboya hall in Buruburu.A pupil in Teso district commited suicide after her parents insisted she should repeat standard seven . Linet Auma ,16,swallowed tobacco pesticide and died before she was taken to hospital. She had scored 188 marks out of 500 and her headmaster at Katotoi primary school,Tommy emayot ,said she had been promoted to standard eight. But her parents wanted her to repeat and improve her grades . This case required counselling for Linet because it seems she was hopeless over the situation as she was practically being forced to something she did not want.There may also have been some underlying issues that had not been addressed earlier.

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This issues may have led her to her final desparation and despair. Jennifer Longslide aged 35 and from the United States ,bit off Mark Olsen’s manhood in a fit of rage. She then casually walked with the dismemberd member and proceeded to deep fry it in butter before eating it. The victim has now had cosmetic surgery and and a prosthetic attachment has been surgically stitched where his real one once was .

The victim requires counselling inorder to come to terms with the loss of his manhood.He needs counselling to overcome the bitterness and resentment he feels towards his attacker. Mercy Nguni a Kanyama resident ,had her ear cut off by her husband after they had got into a verbal altercation late in the night. Her boyfriend severed her ear and sliced her face with a bottle. She says that she screamt and her daughter and husband rescued her.

She has several stitches on her face and no ear. Despite all this she says that she loves her husband very much and would not like to see him go to jail. Mercy Ngumi requires counselling so that she can manage to escape the trap of her abusive marriege.She needs to rediscover her self image so that she can get out and start living a more positive life. On Monday 21,November,2011,the daily nation reported that eleven pupils were undergoing treatment at a Kisumu hospital after they were found to have been molested at their homes in Bandani.

Out of the eleven children aged between five to twelve years ,three were girls and the the remaining eight were boys. A class teacher noticed one of the children walking in a strange way prompting questions that revealed he had molested.According to Usoma primary school teacher Joseph Ndege,the class teacher alerted them after finding out that the class one pupil had been molested. The child was brought to the office where he disclosed what had been going on and upo investing pupils in other classes they found out that there were more pupils who had been molested. Mr Ndege said that the suspect ,now under police custody ,was a pupil at the school and had just completed his KCPE exams,making them suspect that the vice had been going on for a long time.The child gave a list of ten other children who had been molested and all the children named the same person as the one who had been defiling and threatening them if they disclosed what he was doing to them. The man is reported to have confessed that he was HIV-positive and was under medication. A community gender-based violence activist ,Ms Nuru Angoka ,said that medical tests revealed that two of the children had been infected with sexually trnsmitted diseases but they would have to wait for three months to determine their HIV status.

Separately,A seven year –old nursery school girl suffered serious injuries after being defiled by a twenty two year old schoolmate. Abdillahi Karim a class eight pupil and a somali nationalis charged with defiling the minor at their school in Nakuru town on May22,2011. Dr. Samuel Onchere,a medical officer,testifyng in the case told the Nakuru court that the girl,apupil at Darullmi Academy knew the person who defiled her. This is according to her confession to the doctor.The dominant feature of sexual abuse is that it is forced on a person against their will, and it is an act of violence and violation regardless of how much visible “violence” is used; it takes away a person’s control, and so it is vital that someone who has been through this undergo counselling. People who have been raped or sexually abused need to rebuild feelings of safety, trust, control and self-worth, all things which are often lost through an assault.

In another case, Joubert, 50, is accused of raping his then-13-year-old daughter at his Bayside home in the summer of 2009.She took the stand last week to give evidence against her father. “Her testimony alone proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he raped her,” Assistant District Attorney Lauren Parson said during Monday’s summations. Joubert is charged with rape, incest, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. If convicted on the top count, first-degree rape, he could face up to 25 years in prison, the Queens district attorney’s office said. Joubert’s daughter said she and her twin brother spent most of that summer away from their Norwalk, Conn. , home while they stayed with their father in Bayside to attend Bible camp.

During that time, she said, her father would walk in on her as she showered and touch her inappropriately. One night some time between July 25 and Aug. 2, she testified, Joubert came into her third-floor bedroom as she laid asleep on the bottom bunk of her bed. She said her father climbed on top of her, held her wrists down and struck her several times, then pulled her clothes down and raped her. Every person responds differently to abuse, although there are certain feelings that are common, such as fear, distress, humiliation, anger, confusion, numbness and guilt.The feelings a person has may vary from week-to-week, day-to-day – even minute-to-minute. What is important is that someone who has been attacked is allowed to experience their feelings without fear of having them invalidated or dismissed. It is important that they feel they have people who will allow them to talk and will try to understand their needs.

Farmers in India became the centre of considerable concern in the 1990s when the journalist P Sainath highlighted the large number of suicides among them.Official reports initially denied the farmer suicides but as more and more information came to light the government began to accept that farmers in India were under considerable stress. On figures there was much debate since the issue was so emotive. The government tried to underplay the cases of farmer deaths, intellectual supporters of the farmers preferred to inflate them.

More than 17,500 farmers a year killed themselves between 2002 and 2006, according to experts who have analyzed government statistics. Others traced the increase in farmer suicides to the early 1990s.It was said, a comprehensive all-India study is still awaited, that most suicides occurred in states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Punjab. The situation was grim enough to force at least the Maharashtra government to set up a dedicated office to deal with farmers distress. In 2006, the state of Maharashtra, with 4,453 farmers’ suicides accounted for over a quarter of the all-India total of 17,060, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). NCRB also stated that there were at least 16,196 farmers’ suicides in India in 2008, bringing the total since 1997 to 199,132 .According to another study by the Bureau, while the number of farm suicides increased since 2001, the number of farmers has fallen, as thousands abandoning agriculture in distress. According to government data, over 5,000 farmers committed suicide in 2005-2009 in Maharashtra, while 1,313 cases reported by Andhra Pradesh between 2005 and 2007.

In Karnataka the number stood at 1,003, since 2005-06 till August 2009. But in Kerala because of the interference of L. D. F government the suicidal rates are reduced. L.

D. F Government took necessary actions to reduce suicide of farmers. They introduced a debt relief law.Also given 50000 rupees to the suicide persons family.

Also take necessary steps to give up the debts of farmers below 25000 rupees. Kerala government was an icon at that time. Central Government also praised these activities. Introduced an insurance scheme for farmers named “kissan abhimaan”. The strategic movements of LDF government reduced the suicide rate during 2006 to 2011.

According to NCRB database number of suicides during 2005-2009 in Gujarat 387, Kerala 905, Punjab 75 and Tamil Nadu 26. In April 2009, the state of Chattisgarh reported 1,500 farmers committed suicide due to debt and crop failure.At least 17,368 Indian farmers killed themselves in 2009, the worst figure for farm suicides in six years, according to data of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

When a person is caught in the midst of a problem that they feel has no solution, they naturally lose hope. When they continue to struggle with what they perceive as a problem with no solution, many people come to a place of complete despair. Thoughts of suicide are a natural result. The key to understanding someone who is thinking of suicide is that they see their problem as an, either or situation.Either they go on in hopelessness or they commit suicide. They see no other answer or possible solution. Adverse life events in combination with other strong risk factors such as mental or substance abuse disorders and impulsivity, may lead to suicide. However, suicide and suicidal behavior are not normal responses to the stresses experienced by most people.

Many people experience one or more risk factors and are not suicidal. A suicidal person may not ask for help, but that doesn’t mean that help isn’t wanted. Most people who commit suicide don’t want to die,they just want to stop hurting.Suicide prevention starts with recognizing the warning signs and taking them seriously. The relatives or friends who notice suicidal tendencies in their loved ones should refer them to a counsellor. They need support and understanding from someone who does not judge them and is caring. Bulldozers on 22,11,2011 started demolishing highrise buildings near the Moi airbase in Nairobi’s eastleigh estate. Sources said the pulling down of the houses followed fears that that they could harbour “elements” keen on carrying out revenge attacks.

An area of 50 metres around the airbase will be cleared ,the sources added.Local leaders and owners of the buildings reacted with fury to the demolitions saying the government had allowed the construction of the flats. The demolition started early Tuesday even as locals protested the move. The exercise I Eastleigh left hundreds homeless as those caught unawares rushed to salvage their valuables.

Their misery was made worse by heavy rains that were experienced early in the morning. On 18,11,2011 several shanties were demolished in Mitumba slum near Wilson Airport as part of the operation to clear structures situated next to airports and vital installations.About 3,000 people were leaving at the slum at that time,which was established in the 1980’s. The Eastleigh incident is the latest in the series of demolitions after Kyan’gombe,KPA slums,Syokimau and the Embakasi manyattas.

Early October kiosks near Eastleigh were brought down by the millitary. There is need for counselling for the victims as they undergo the grieving process for them to find consolation and comfort. The victims need counselling in order to come to the final stage of grieving which is acceptance of what has happened.On December 28,2010, It was reported that drug addicts were dying in the coast province due to lack of narcotic drugs. The shortage had been caused by the decision made drug barons to halt the drug business for a while due to high arrest that was made by anti narcotic police that month.

Drug addicts generally need counselling. The primary goal of addiction counseling is to help the client achieve and maintain abstinence from addictive chemicals and behaviors. The secondary goal is to help the client recover from the damage the addiction has done to the client’s life.Participation in a self-help program is considered an extremely valuable aid to recovery. It helps recovering individuals develop a social support network outside of their treatment program, teaches the skills needed to recover, and helps clients take responsibility for their own recovery. In addition to encouraging clients to attend self-help groups at least three times a week and to locate a sponsor, our counseling program educates clients about the 12-step program and incorporates many of its concepts into the content of counseling.Breaking through denial; staying away from negative people, places, and things; taking a personal inventory; working on character defects; and spirituality in recovery are among the concepts addressed within the content of the counseling sessions. Counselling,until recent years, was a practice that was greatly misunderstood and steeped in stigma.

But as couples and individuals became more progressive in their way of thinking, they recognized that counselors are integral to our well being and quality of life.In fact, the need for counseling affects just about every segment of our society, regardless of race, religion, income, or education. These are a few examples: marriage counselors, weight management counselors, financial counselors, career counselors, drug addiction counselors, sex therapists, and college counselors. Counseling is simply a way for people that have been challenged by unusual, painful, or unfamiliar circumstances to receive the benefit of formal, certified training in a way that effectively addresses and improves their personal and professional problems.Counselors can be objective and ask the tough questions to get to the heart of what needs to be healed, and provide much-needed guidance. Counseling is simply a way for people that have been challenged by unusual, painful, or unfamiliar circumstances to receive the benefit of formal, certified training in a way that effectively addresses and improves their personal and professional problems.

Counselors can be objective and ask the tough questions to get to the heart of what needs to be healed, and provide much-needed guidance.REFERENCES Peter Ng’etich . (2011, November 21).

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