The Need and Importance of Guidance (8 Needs)

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Nor are thinking people willing to assert didactically that any person must necessarily behave in the future in a manner similar to his past or present behaviour.

Many diverse factors inherent within our home, school, and social and occupational activities and relationships pull us in different directions.

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We often find ourselves in such a state of confusion or bewilderment that it is difficult to steer unaided the course of our conduct toward ends which will be satisfying to ourselves and to those about us.

Too often the recognized need for advice or guidance leads us to become the victims of those who set themselves up as authorities in areas of guidance for which they have little or no capacity beyond the power to speak convincingly in a ‘patter’ of glittering generalities.

These generalities may satisfy the listener for the moment, but they do little toward building within him the power to face reality courageously or to gain strength to meet the problems which arise in his life.

According to a statement prepared recently by a representative group of Virginia educators, guidance is necessary in meeting the following needs:

(a) For each person to find a place in which he enjoys personal happiness.

(b) To develop a sensitivity for moral and spiritual values.

(c) To be recognized and respected as an individual.

(d) For each person to feel that he is making a contribution to any group of which he is a part.

(e) To understand himself, his abilities, his limitations, and his potentialities.

(f) For the opportunity to develop and use his abilities and experiences.

(g) For warmth, affection, and understanding.

(h) To develop resourcefulness and self-direction in adapting to changes in society.


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