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To Whom It May Concern,Thank you for the opportunity to express my plans to be successful in the Marketing Management Undergraduate Degree Program at Western Governors University. First, I would like to give you a little more understanding of “why now.

” For as long as I can remember, I have always been a self-motivated individual. However, except where my mindset is now far exceeding where it was when I first pursued furthering my education. My parents didn’t go far in their education. They faced many hardships that distracted them from progressing and have spent their entire lives working hard for their money.

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I am so thankful for their sacrifices, but I have learned a valuable lesson as well. I was raised to believe working hard is the other alternative to education. Yes, I could succeed this way; however, through my own struggles, I have faced many more challenges on a longer path to success in my career. When I became a single mother is when everything became more apparent that I am my daughter’s first example and I am nowhere close to my end goal. I desire to be more for my daughter. To provide her better opportunities without limitations. My inspiration to be a better example is my mindset and the support from my family alone is the first step in setting myself up for success at WGU.

Success for me begins with a plan of balance, consistency, and as I stated above, the right mindset. For the past 4 years, I have had the privilege to work remotely and have developed a routine that has helped me maintain consistency. I do this by creating a weekly schedule and putting everything on my calendar instead of a “to-do” list. This helps me to set realistic goals for my days, weeks, and months ahead. Having everything laid out weekly, I can devise an action plan for how much time needs to be spent towards my studies, work, and personal life so I create a balance and don’t get burned-out. Also, planning helps to minimize surprise for when “life happens.

” I have overcome many challenges in my career from working from home due to proper planning. I’m confident this skill would apply to success in my school studies as well.Time management and multi-tasking are two critical skills that I have strengthened over the past few years. I’ve learned that by starting on all projects at once and devoting time to each one daily is much more efficient than focusing on one at a time. In my experience, I’ve dealt with multiple deadlines at once. By being one step ahead and starting all project at the start of the month and not just the ones that are due, I’ve been successful in completing things before their deadlines. I would apply this same technique in school since it has been successful in my work career.

I have learned the importance and value continuing education has had not only in my career but in my personal growth as well. In the last six months, I have taken online courses in social media marketing, graphic design, and certification classes in both Google Adwords and Analytics to further advance my skills in the marketing industry. Since acquiring these new skills, I am already providing more value to the clients I work with.

I am more resourceful and self-sufficient in both career and everyday life. The internet is not the only resource for answers. I discovered that reaching out to mentors, advisors, my support systems, and my network can be great resources too. I’m not afraid to ask questions or ask for help if needed.These are just a few core competencies and skills I present to you in my plans for success at WGU. I have reached a plateau in my career and I can assure you my mind is set on success in school.

I believe WGU is the best school to set me up with the right tools and environment for success. The right school to learn and accelerate my career and prospects. I took time and did much deliberation before choosing Western Governors University for my marketing degree. I hope you give me the opportunity to become your next future student.Thank you for your time and consideration.


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