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In order to ask the question who is Putin, it isfirst necessary ask what is a politician and what do we really know about any of them. The article The Making of Mr. Putin, discusses the fact that what we know about Russian's President is filtered.

The images we see, the stories we read are all strategically placed to create a certain image of the leader of the Russian state. These images are supposed to play on the emotions of the voters. The qualities that are emphasized and presented are those desirable by the majority. In essence, Putin is a public figure for a force much greater than himself. He's the front man of a group of people whose interests lie in ruling the state and deciding in what direction the country should go next. It is pointed out, that Putin's goal while growing up was to work for the KGB, a very secretive, powerful, efficiently functioning part of the Soviet state machine. He set this goal for himself early in life, found out what had to be done to accomplish the goal, and did it. It is my opinion that everyone wants to have some power.

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The extent of the desired power depends on a person's determination and character. Putin's determination and qualities required to join the KBG are, in my opinion, what got him to where he is today. The conditions of life and government changed, so he adjusted, keeping some the previously learned tactics, which he could use to his advantage. The article mentions several times Putin's lack of leadership experience. Until he was introduced to the Russian people by Boris Yeltsin, he worked in highly controlled positions where his every move was dictated by someone else. I wonder if that has changed simply because he is now the President. It is my opinion that no one person can be the leader of an entire State. Yes, he does have the title, but does that mean that everything that happens within the new Russian regime is decided by Putin.

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