The the superlative form of government became apparent.The

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The conflict of the Kuomintang(KMT) and the CCP(Chinese Communist Party) became obvious when the leader of the KMT died in August of 1925.This death caused the initial overthrow of Wang Jingwei and finally Chiang Kai-shek.Even before Chiang gained power, however, he had oppressed the CCP by arresting many of the leading Communists in the KMT.When he took over a struggle for the superlative form of government became apparent.

The outcome, however, is one with much dispute.Why did the Communist regimes defeat the more equipped and better-aided Kuomintang?I would have to argue that it was mostly the fault of Chiang Kai-shek and the corruption of the KMT.In the following I will give the reasons to support this statement. Firstly,under the control of Chiang, the KMT did not have a very well organized or loyal administration.

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When the KMT was taking control over the warlord-controlled territories of China, instead of appointing the KMT’s officials to oversee his conquered territories, Chiang allied the warlord armies and gave them control without significantly changing the underlying structure of their system.This led to become a very insecure form of government to which Chiang could not trust nor rely on to shape his ‘nationalist’ ideals.Furthermore, the moment Chiang was out of the warlords’ sight, they would go back to being warlords.It was almost a mock-defeat, with Chiang forced to return to these territories to regain his control and weaken his subordinates.Also, Chiang mad no distinction to exactly what form of government he would like to see implemented.

While the goal was democracy, the KMT believed that China was not ready for such a system.Or was it Chiang who did not believe that China was ready for this… The second mistake the KMT made is one of disassociation with the masses.

Chiang and the KMT made no effort to identify or even communicate with the Chinese people the principles of his system o…


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