The Importance of Studying Communication

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THE IMPORTANCE OF STUDY COMMUNICATION By Siengfred Sinior M’sene Tata, OSM Communication is one of the most remarkable gifts that God has given to humanity. It has been described by many scholars as “life” itself. Some authors hold that: To be human can be likened to one’s ability to communicate and for them, to communicate is the actual proof of being in existence. For Marc Hauser, “nothing would work in the absence of Communication. ” Lynn Wilford writes that : “All parts of our being – spirit, soul and body depend on communication to function….

Without communication situations disconnect, opportunities flounder, relationships dissolve and products are forgotten. All industries from finance to fashion, from energy to entertainment depend on communication for their marketing and success. Great communicators make great leaders and excellent communication skills are critical to professional success. ” All our desires, hopes and dreams are converted to social realities through symbols called words which are coordinated in the process of communication to make meaning.

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All that we are now and will become in future depends on your ability or inability to communicate. Communication is therefore the Alpha and the Omega. “It is the seed that plants, the key that unlocks, the coin that pays, the light that directs, the vehicle that gets you there, the signal that transmits, the amour that protects and the lock that secures the contract. ” The complexities of communication inform us that we cannot no communicate. We are always communicating consciously or unconsciously, verbally , non verbally or orally.

Whether we like it or not. According to experts, every individual human being is bombarded with an average of 35,000 messages a day and l speaks an average of 16,000 words a day, let alone the non verbal messages that constitute more that 70% of our human communication. On the other hand, a human eye perceive 5 million bits of information in a second while the brain can process only, one out of each 10,000 making it 500 out of the 5million bits in a second. This in a bid demonstrate that human beings are always communicating.

If we are all communicating then why should we waste time studying communication? The answer is simply that though everyone communicates few connect or communicate effectively. A lot of what people say everyday does not make an impact. People speak thousand of words that make no meaning to anyone. It is not just enough to speak. To be successful, you need to learn how to really communicate and connect to others. “connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them. The number one criteria for advancement and promotion for professionals is an ability to communicate and connect. You need to know what people are not saying with words and what you yourself are not saying with words. That is why it is important to study how to communicate effectively and that is why we are here. Success has a formula and wisdom searches it out. That is why it is imperative to learn from the best. Artists copy the masters. And so who should we copy as communicators. Jesus, the Christ , of course, the communicator par excellence.

He has been acknowledged by Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and atheists as the greatest communicator that has ever lived. He changed the course of human history with his method of communication. His messages have been memorised, analysed, dramatised and computerised more than any other. His messages were,” common yet classic, plain yet complex, simple yet revolutionary, childlike yet ageless, ordinary yet multifaceted, familiar yet unforgettable. ” You can only learn how to communicate like a great communicator from Jesus the greatest communicator.. Notes


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