What good grades.How well you do these four

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What is the most important priority for students today? Many of them believe that sports and other clubs come before their academics. Sports and clubs are both equally important but a student's main priority should be academics at all times. Academics are the most important thing in every person's life.How good or bad you do in school follows you for your entire life.

If it wasn't so important, it wouldn't be mandatory for everyone to go.Academics are enforcedfirst in every student's life.In order to get into a good college, you have to do well on your ACT or SAT.In order to do well on these tests, you must pay attention in high school and get good grades.How well you do these four years in high school is also something that colleges use to determine if you will be accepted into their school.What college a student goes to will sometimes determine what job they will get later in life.

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All in all, academics are what will make or break a person's life.A person without schooling will go nowhere in life.A person who believes that academics are their main concern has the opportunity to be whatever they want later in life.

Sports are an extremely important thing for students to be involved in at school. Sports not only help students keep in shape, but also help them learn life-long lessons and make school more fun.In sports you learn social skills, something that every person need in life.

Athletes have to learn to be leaders, but also know how to play as a team.Teamwork is one major benefit received from being on a sport.Being able to cooperate with others is mandatory in almost any job.Responsibility can also be taught through sports.Most team members in school are looked at as role models by their peers. They must always be making responsible decisions and do well in all classes. This is where most athletes get confused with their priorities.They have t.



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