The Impact of Facebook

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Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 , Serdang. ____________________________________________________________ _____________ New Straits Times Press , Balai Berita , 31, Jalan Riong , 59100, Kuala Lumpur. 1st October 2011 Dear editor, Sub: The impacts of Facebook on students. I agree with your article about the impacts of facebook on our students on 20 September 2011, and I would like to express my agreement towards the article discussed. Nowadays, people use Facebook for their social networking. As we know, facebook give an impact either disadvantages or advantages to students.

Firstly, one of the disadvantages of facebook is it can affect their study. Students results are not very well in their exams. It is because; they spent more time to chatting, playing game, and so on in facebook. Besides disadvantages, facebook also have an advantage to students. One of an advantages is students can increase their communication skills in their life. Regarding this, they may interact with other people through their comment about certain topic. Secondly, students can gain more knowledge from facebook.

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They can get or share some information with their facebook friends about the current issue that happen whether in country or overseas. Moreover, we can exchange their opinions with others. It can affect their study. Lastly, in my opinion, students must know how to use facebook in the right way, so that they should manage their time between studies and facebook. As a conclusion, facebook give more positive impact for students, the disadvantages will occur when they abuse facebook. Yours Sincerely, ………………………………………….. ( NURUL SYAZWANIE MOHD FADZIL ) 012-9678281


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