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In "The Hero's Walk", the author Anita Rau Badami depicts the family problems faced and shared upon losing a beloved family member. The premature death of an estranged but beloved adult child, Maya, forces a family to focus on all of the things they’ve created in their lives. After Sripathi loses hisfirst child, Maya, and comes to regret the rejection of her, he realizes the compromises needed to raise a child properly must be shared with everyone.

The seven-year-old Nandana loses her parents, Maya and Alan, in a car accident and must go live with her grandparents in India. When Nandana arrives with her family in India, her grandparents, Sripathi and Nirmala, her uncle, Arun, her great-grandmother, Ammaya, and her aunt, Putti must cooperate with this little memory of Maya. During the course of the novel, the characters begin to realize the importance of compromises that must be made in order to sustain and improve their relationships with their children.

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This, of course, has to be implemented not only to bring a positive change in their relationship, but also to maintain a stable healthy environment in the house. The death of Maya had the greatest impact on Nirmala. Atfirst, she couldn;t believe that the daughter she gave birth to was no longer alive.

Upon hearing news about Maya;s death, she blamed Sripathi entirely for cutting off Maya from his life. Later on, she comes to an understanding that it was necessary to think about the future rather than thinking about the past and putting themselves in constant suffering. Most important of all, she decides to forego the fact that Maya is dead mainly because of Nandana;s upbringing in their family. Would it be necessary and appropriate to constantly remind a little child about her parents; tragic death, especially in her childhood years? Of course not.

It was extremely necessary for them to maintain a healthy and safe environment in the house due …


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