The sister Laura is a peculiar girl

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The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is one of the most iconic plays of the 20th century. The play takes place in St.

Louis in 1937. The play tells the story of the Wingfield family.The family is inclusive of Amanda Wingfield-the somewhat unstable mother; Laura Wingfield-the daughter of Amanda; and Tom Wingfield-the son of Amanda and the narrator.The play also features Jim, a friend of Tom and also a prospective gentlemen caller for Laura. The story is interesting and is often characterized as a memory play because it is based on the memories of Tom Wingfield (Themes, Motifs & Symbols).

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Tom Wingfield's character seems to care for both his mother and sister, however some of his actions are suspect and he seems to have a difficult time expressing his emotions.Throughout the play he says things that are rather cruel to both his sister and his mother. Tom's sister Laura is a peculiar girl that also has a physical ailment. Although Laura is peculiar she seems to be rather intuitive and seems to be the kindest and most selfless person in the Wingfield household.Finally, Amanda is the most out spoken or flamboyant member of the family; she also suffers from some mental instability.Amanda is a product of an affluent family in the South but her fortune was lost and now the family struggles to make ends meet.

One of the most apparent factors in the play has to do with the symbolism that is presented.Instances of symbolism include the glass menagerie itself, blue roses, and the glass unicorn.The glass menagerie is symbolic of Laura and her persona.Just as glass is fragile and delicate so was Laura as she was extremely shy (Themes, Motifs & Symbols). In addition, the glass represents transparency and also a depth of colors.Although Laura was quiet and shy she also had depth and considered the feelings of others.

The term menagerie is also symbolic of the imaginary world that all the characters created for …


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