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For the direct transmission of information, there are different modern means which have been developed and are quite widespread.

The inter flow of information through these means is possible. 1. Telebox:Telebox is an electronic post office box system. Each member of the system has his or her “post office box” in the computer, where other members can leave their message. The owner of each box can electrically contact the others. 2. Videotext:Videotext occupies a special position among the “new media”. It plays a key role in the link between telecommunication and the computer sciences.

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Its advantages lie in the possibility it provides for linking computers and also, in its introductive’ dialogue capabilities. Using a videotext, information and communication systems can be converted into interactive systems capable of communicating with one another. In fact, the videotext is a multipurpose instrument with multiplicity of uses. It serves as (a) An instrument for data processing; (b) An information medium; (c) An organisational aid; (d) A communication system and (e) A marketing instrument.

This relatively new service connects various forms of use of the above-mentioned facilities and at the same time, offers some other possibilities. To operate the service, a television set with a decoder and telephone is necessary without which the service cannot operate. In Europe, nearly all households have television sets and a telephone and with the help of videotext, separate households can be reached in large areas. Telecom of German BTX service as well as Members of France Telecom Service can how obtain all kinds of information from external computers or use data bank, all through their television sets. In many other countries in Europe, USA, etc. similar systems are in use. The use videotex (VTX) is prevalent today in many fields. In addition to its use in the field of business as it follows fast message transmission, fast and inexpensive data collection and up-to-date information which are crucial for advertising, the system is also used by specialised groups of users for collecting orders in the field.

It is also used in the field of tourism as a one-way system, for receiving bookings. Because of its low unit costs, it is used extensively mainly in connection with personal computers. It has been found that videotex (VTX) is the most advantageous means of communication, taking into account its low cost and the wider range of its application. 3. Networking:All the above means discussed permit the exchange of information electronically through a data “network”.

The exchange of information between the members with the assistance of electronic transmission is very fast. The data are also available in written form in printouts. “Network” is a system of transmission linking facilities for automatic data processing. In this way different computers are connected, permitting data exchange and processing over long distances. Telecommunication is possible only when there is such a network available. The telephone is the simplest and the best known network.

In addition, there is also a separate clear data network for the exchange of data which works digitally. In this way a high transmission speed is achieved and there is a very low ratio of errors during transmission. There are different types of networks which can be used for telecommunication purposes either separately or combined. The text on the screen is provided by a telephone network or any other network.

Communication with other members or computers in any place by anyone can be achieved by combining the telephone network with additional facilities provided. A large number of enterprises as well as individuals are extensively using the communication techniques discussed above. In the field of tourism, in addition to travel agents, tour operators, hoteliers, airlines, travel journalists, etc. use these techniques. Travel journalists who especially travel extensively use the following facilities. (a) Telecopy (sending previously prepared texts as originals) (b) Teletex (for collecting and sending texts), (c) Data bank (for collecting information).


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