Since many unspoiled places with unique flora and

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Since Poland is a country that has a lot to offer, the EU will benefit from having Poland as a one of its member states. This essay will examine the advantages, which the EU will take of having Poland in the Union, by looking at natural, economic, and social aspects. By looking at these points in detail, it will be easier to form a clear conclusion on this issue. The most important point to consider is that Poland has large recreational areas and many unspoiled places with unique flora and fauna. When Poland joins the EU, these places can be turned into ecological resorts.

Obviously, this will be a paradise for tourists who are eager to be closer to nature. The best example of this would be "the country of the thousand lakes" which is the perfect place for those who love water sports and angling. In addition to this, there are some species of animals that can be only seen in Poland. For example, Poland is the only country where European bison can be seen. What is more, Poland has the biggest population of wolves in Europe.

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Having said that, not only will Poland be able to become a paradise for Europeans but also for people from all over the world. Another significant idea is the Polish goods' market. Since Poland is one of bigger countries in Europe, the EU will gain larger market for its goods. The EU market will be extended, and as a result the EU will have another source of money. What is more, Poland is situated'in the heart of Europe'. Because of this location Poland can be a kind of bridge between the EU countries and the countries of East Europe. As a result, the flow of goods from the EU countries to East Europe would be much easier.

Another valid point is huge scientific potential that is cumulated in Poland. Polish scientists who are people of distinction are extremely dedicated to their work. Therefore, they are known as hard working people who are able to sacrifice a lot to reach their go..



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