Theory builds the past history and dicates the

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Theory of Knowledge> Title: What do you understand by George Orwell’s comment that “Who controls the past controls the future.

Who controls the present controls the past”? To what extent do you agree with it, and its implications? The devils dictionary defines history as “an account mostly false, or events mostly unimportant which are brough about by ruler mostly kanves, and soilders mostly fools”. This definition suggests that rulers, the strongest party, creates the past and control the future. Therefore, this supports George Orwell’s idea that the “winner” builds the past history and dicates the future events.

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Indeed, his account can be applied, and can be explictly found throughtout the human history. It was 18 century when James Watt first conceived steam engine. As a result of this invention, Britain and other nation in Europe were able to establish the “Industrialization. ” The steam engine had enourmus impact on heavy industry in terms of way it dramatically improved the quality and quantity of the outcome. Ultimately, there is no doubt that this accomplishment helped the Great Bratain to colonized countries all around the world. The influence they had on this countries simply uttered the life of people; a good example would be India.

India was under the power of the Great Bratain since the 19 century. The English, mainly through “the East Indian Company”, they brought the “new system”. The English had strove to “Westernize” the Indian by introducing new political structure, new technology, and the language. Untill now, even after the independence, theses legacy still is remined in India. Therefore, althought the Indian would definitely be offended by my opinion, their culture and economy used to be in the hand of English, and they are countinuosuly having tremedous influence nowadays.

Hence, this shows the Mr. Orwell comment – “who controls the past controls the future” – is suitable in this case. Furthermore, from the book, <People’s History of the United State of America; written by Amercial civil rightist ‘Howard Zinn’ suggest that that the white Americans were able to controlled the past as they controlled the present. A case that reaveal this statement can be traced back to 19 century.

When’Christhoper Columbus’ discovered the new and unknown continent, the Europeans flocked in the America and found the ‘United State of America.’ During the process of settlement, it was inevitable for the new comer to have conflict with the aboriginal population, the India. Literally, I would be correct to say that the Europeans stole every from the Indian – land, culture, and peace – as they were equiped with weapons and modern technolgy that could kill thousand. Hence the new comers were more powerful and stronger side than the Native Indian. Of course, this is absolutely wrong in logical perspective and this history should have been truthfully disclosed to the new generations of American.


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