The Egyptian Revolution Effects

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The Egyptian Revolution Effects The Egyptian revolution was as magnificent event. It was a great step towards freedom and democracy. This revolution was considered by the whole world to be one of the greatest revolutions of modern world history. It has restored dignity and respect to Egypt and Egyptians as a whole. However, this revolution is far from over. There are still plenty of obstacles ahead, which is normal following any revolution that occurred throughout history.

These obstacles and immediate effects are: the instability which could be felt everywhere in the country, the financial problems which have affected the economy of the entire country, as well as the different and sometimes clashing point of views between Egyptian citizens on how the country should move forward. The first effect of the revolution is the instability which is felt everywhere in the country. Such instability occurred due to the lack of security and loss of trust in police after their violence against protestors during the early stages of the revolution.

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Despite the peaceful attitude of the protestors throughout the early days, police were very cruel in the way they handled the situation, killing almost 800 people and injuring many more. A journalist for Al Ahram Newspaper reporter Lina El-Wardani was an eye-witness to this brutality, she writes: “The demonstrators, who were mostly young people not affiliated with any political party, were walking peacefully down the corniche (save for their chanting) when suddenly a group of police thugs stopped them, started firing tear gas grenades, and began fiercely beating down on everyone, chasing them as they tried to get away. (El-Wardani, par. 2). In addition to this many dangerous criminals managed to escape from prisons and police offices. This resulted in increasing robbery and crime rates, and made people feel less secure. Furthermore, the remnants of the old regime are still trying to overcome the revolution by creating chaos and setting fires to burn all the files that can be used against them in courts. They are also trying to organize their lines so that they may come back and play a role in the political scene.

Hence overall there is a general atmosphere of worry and some embassies of foreign countries have asked their nationals to leave the country for the time being until the situation becomes stable. Another effect of the revolution is the financial problems which affect the economy of the whole country. The stock market was closed from the beginning of the revolution. Despite it was an important action to support the economy of the country, there was a marked loss globally, and many foreign investors stopped their business in Egypt.

Similarly, banks were also closed to prevent withdrawal of cash which might lead to more financial and investment problems. Moreover, Tourism which was a major support for Egyptian economy was also affected since many tourists cancelled their trips to Egypt following the revolution. As a result, booking in hotels was cancelled and many people whose jobs depended on tourism lost it, and hence had no source of income to support their families.

The transitional government is trying to initiate immediate reforms, but this requires organization and cooperation which is very difficult at the moment. As some workers have used the revolution to come out and organize protests demanding for an increase in their wages. These strikes affected production in different sectors of the economy and in turn many factories were closed. According to Magda Qandil, director of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, these protests along with a slowed down tourist season has so far cost the Egyptian economy a loss of $6 billion in terms of revenues. Nasr, par. 9). The third effect of the revolution is that there are different choices for the protestors and Egyptians as a whole, on how the country should be run in the future. Naturally people have different points of view and demands. For many years Egyptians were used to one form of rule, but now after the revolution the door has been opened. This made many people confused and resulted in division to different groups with different ideas on how the future of Egypt should look.

Such a division is very dangerous and might abort the original target of the revolution which is to unite Egyptians for a common cause so as to build a strong nation. Although people are protesting and asking for changes, some of them don’t know how to change the country. This is primarily due to lack of education in general and political awareness to be specific, as it was a strategy of the old regime to keep the majority of Egyptians ignorant and divided so that they may not demand for their rights.

For there are some groups who might use this lack of awareness to convince people of their agendas and hijack the revolution to their favor, such as the case with the Iranian revolution in 1979. Hence there is a need for honest and educated leaders to arise and take charge so as to direct the country on the right path and give people back their basic rights, so that the revolution is driven to the great success everyone is looking for.

In conclusion, the Egyptian revolution is far from over yet, and there are still many obstacles facing the Egyptians. However the people are considering all these negative effects to be normal after any revolution. The one thing this historic event has done though is that it restored the pride Egyptians seemed to have lost after many long years of oppression, a pride that is feeding their high hopes for paving the way ahead and bringing prosperity to the entire country, so that a ‘New Egypt’ be reborn.


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