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The statistics shows that in Northern countries, where the weather is cold, cloudy and the light is limited the percentage of people who suffer depression greater than anywhere else. Winter Depression, Winter Blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are all conditions that expressed the negative impact of bad weather on our organism and psyche. Researches show that exactly the lack of bright light in the winter is the thing that provokes bad mood. For this reason in most of the countries winter celebrations and carnivals are associated with candles, fires, lights.The bad weather has several negative effects on people’s mood: feeling low concentrated, having less energy and low on optimism (even becoming depressed). Due to the bad weather it can be observed that in fall and winter time people are less productive, not able to focus, low on ideas: they are just not as concentrated as in the other period of year. Everyone can judge on him/herself how the weather influences his/her mood and everyone can see that weather does have impact on us.It is proved that the bright light plays important role in the brain chemistry and helps for the production of the enzyme Serotonin which is responsible for our concentration, productivity and creativity.

So the decreasing will to work and even the inability to perform well is something that is quite normal for the “dark” period of the year when the light could not stimulate human’s brain. Sunlight and the high temperature are the things that somehow “charge” people, therefore when the temperatures drop and the days grow short they begin felling powerless and tired; they have less energy and difficulty in waking up in the morning.Exactly the sunbeams are these that give energy and their lack reflect on the liveliness and buoyancy.

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Bad weather can cause sleep problems: people often have difficulty in going out of the bed in the mornings, they oversleep but do not feel themselves refreshed and they often take afternoon naps. Therefore exactly this lack of live-giving powers is the fact that proves the statement that bad weather affects our mood. Bad weather also can provoke changes in human’s behavior. Sense of sadness, loss and lethargy; lack of pleasure; low on optimism are common things in the winter season.For example, if you make a child to draw a picture which express happiness this picture will definitely contain sun. Therefore when the sun is missing people feel misery and despair, the lethargy seizes them and even the simplest and normal task become impossible to be done. Often people who suffer Winter Blues withdraw from the social activities: they avoid their relatives and friends, their libido is decreased and they become pessimists. This easily can lead to depressive conditions.

So the effect of the bad weather could be not only negative but it can also harm our health. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good… “(Genesis 1:3-5). The light does affect our mood, emotions and feeling and its lack always reflect on people.

Winter Depression, Winter Blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder are terms that describe through what kind of conditions one pass and how his/her personality changes when the weather is bad: no concentration on the performing tasks, no energy and no optimism. The smiley face is always connected with the big, bright sun; the sad face- with the rainy day. So is not it obvious that the weather does affect our mood?


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