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The culture I have selected is the Dinka. The Dinka have a population of approximately 2 million, making them the largest ethnic group of Southern Sudan. Their lifestyle is simple and primitive. They base their activities and lives around the needs of their cattle. Without cattle the Dinka would not have religion or culture. They value their cattle, not for its meat or milk, but for its religious role. They are usually blacked skinned and quite attractive.

They can also be characterized by their height; it is common for the males to be 7 feet tall. Song and Dance are tradition and play a huge role in the Dinka lifestyle. The Dinka place a huge emphasis on Pride and honor.

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One of the rights of passage in this culture is a fatness contest. Fatness is highly valued and regarded as beauty. Therefore each year this contest is held to see which young man can become the fattest over a 3-4month period.

During the contest they drink as much milk as possible and have no exercise. To be the fattest is a great accomplishment and brings you hero status as well as great honor. The young boys strive to make their families proud. The tribe and the expectations of their peers influence them. Each risk their lives; some even die trying to be the fattest.

This unusual tradition in the Dinka culture is basically the opposite of our Australian culture. To be fat isn't valued. Teenagers are influenced by models and peers that the skinnier the better.

A super model has characteristics such as tall and thin. This is regarded as beautiful in the eyes of our youth. So instead of risking their lives trying to be fat, our youths are in danger of trying to be thin. Eg. Anorexia and Bulimia. Young girls are commonly effected by these diseases in a fight to be the skinniest, therefore the prettiest.

Our beauty contests consist of models that are thin. The image of beauty is to be thi…


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