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 She has many relatives in the Philippines right now that urn to live in the United States but says they still face many barriers. She grows real sad about the situation. I can’t help but grieve for her. I see her always collecting pens from people who leave them lying around. Often people give them to her. People such as Doctors, Drug Reps, and patients often give her their pens. I had to ask her “what are you collecting all the pens for” she explained to me that in the poor islands of the Philippines a simple pen is too expensive for school children to buy.

They often can’t even afford to buy pencils and do not get the proper education that is necessary to read or write. I was dumbfounded. I had a pool of pens in the driver’s consol of my truck. They were really nice ones to. The kind of pens a doctor would put in a penholder on their finished desk.

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.. I know because that is where I snatched them most often. I was so ridden with guilt that I was so lucky to have all of these pens that I got a laboratory specimen bag and collected every pen I had and god forbid you left one laying around! I gave her the bag of pens a day later and she was so full of gratitude that she almost cried.I never felt such a sense of purpose in my life. I can’t bring those school children to America but at least I can bring it to them. There is still a problem that exists in the American naturalization process, which cannot be removed from thought.

.. by simply giving a poor school child a tool to write. It is the unfair treatment of so called “illegal immigrants”. I would like someone to give me one good explanation as to why an immigrant from another country who is not considered legal does not have the same humane rights that legal citizens do.You may say that it would be unfair, improper, dangerous, bad for the economy, or just plain ridiculous to give illegal immigrants such rights.

I say it is the opposite. Sorry but if I was a Doctor I would make sure that all of Gods people (doesn’t matter what God you praise) have right to maintain their health. We are all born with certain God given rights…

unless you live in America and then you have to beg for the right to have a health family. Fortunately there are a select few programs out there that will give people access to affordable healthcare.There are Doctors and organizations that try to make a difference even in the face of diversity. Gardner Family Health Network in San Jose California and Clinica De Salude in Salinas California are two organizations that make a conscious effort to help the poorer minorities.

They accept Medi-Cal, Med-Care, and have a sliding-fee-scale for those who have no insurance. The Latino community founded and inspired these organizations. They can only help so much though. The patients are still expected to possess an ID card, appointments are a little hard to get sometimes and the services offered do not match that of regular insurances.

It’s about time that our government puts a little more humanity into our society regardless of whether or not someone was born here or not. It has been debated for a long time, whether or not illegal immigrants should have the right possess a valid ID card, medical attention, the right to hold employment, and the right to vote. The debate continues but little action has taken place to give illegal immigrants these rights. Our government thinks that we are protecting society by creating the restrictions on immigrants that are not legalized.In all actuality we are withholding this countries potential. Since the 1950s the United States has filled the gap of the labor deficit by employing farm workers, and many other domestic services from Mexico. This has had its benefits to the US economy. These are jobs that the American community would never do but yet this work was important to the economic cycle.

These immigrants were undocumented because after all they were “illegal” and the government did not want to legalize them just because of their hard work.Obviously our government knew the immigrants were here pumping our gas, ironing our cloths, and cleaning our floors but if you listen hard enough you can almost hear our leaders say, “This will be our little secret”. How damn hard is it to give “aliens” an ID card, and a few other privileges? Look, we can worry about making them legal later! In the mean time lets give them an ID card, the right to test for a drivers license, the right to vote, the right to medical treatment, the right to education and the right to employment that is not dehumanizing.This would not hurt us a bit. It would actually help the government keep track of incoming aliens as easily as they could its legal citizens. There would not be this cultural wall between aliens and Americans if we only accepted them instead of making things harder for them.

Educating aliens would not be a wasted effort. They would most certainly use their skills for the benefit of the United States considering many of them risked life to get here. Essentially, if congress grants these rights to “aliens” or illegal immigrants”, it would have major benefits for the United States.

What’s with this September 11th crap being used to even further dehumanize aliens and reverse the progress made by the INS department and our social system? It’s really interesting how the INS department gets blamed by congress for not keeping tabs on these aliens that plot destruction to the United States. Ohhh… as if this is going to prevent another terrorist attack! Look, if a terrorist cell wants to fly an airplane into a skyscraper and give his life for the cause do you really think he is going to follow the rules to get into the country?Those who wish to bring terror will ultimately bring terror. Oh, but wait congress came up with a grand idea! Let’s storm all of the airports and remove the illegal food service workers, and janitors because they are liars who could bring terror to our nation.


it’s amazing how fast our law enforcement found out about these illegal workers. Its almost as if our law enforcement knew about the workers the whole time. Oh wait, they did! It’s just that know they are a threat to the United States, so let’s through them in jail and then sent them packing.You see the INS was never a brilliant organization and now that there is congressional intervention, they are twice as…

not brilliant. Look these illegal aliens or immigrants, what ever you want to call them. They are not terrorists! They only want a chance at life. Ok, so they are willing to lie about their naturalization and legal status to gain employment..

. ooooh that scares me. We all better lock our doors at night and quit letting our children play in our front yards! Mean while we have terrorists following the rules of the INS and the country has nothing to fear of them…oops there goes another skyscraper! How did that happen? Let’s go arrest more Mexican farm workers, that’ll teach’em! Ohhh…

I am terribly vexed. Can someone help me understand the “Axis of Evil”? North Korea, Iraq, and Iran have been labeled the Axis of Evil by the Bush administration. President Bush got it all backwards..

. he meant to say the Axis of Evil is Congress, INS, and the FBI. Don’t worry George, mistakes happen. I believe that allowing immigrants in to this country should have requirements not restrictions. I think that we owe it to our society to make sure that children (illegal or not) attend school.We should give them a valid ID card and Social Security Number, which will help them gain employment and acquire assistance from the government. I feel that we should let them be legally employed thus helping spring the economy and keep them out of poverty. I think the US should give them access to Medi-Cal and Medi-Care insurance to receive medical attention.

We should give these immigrants the opportunity to attend adult education centers paid for by the government in order to give them the skills and education required in today’s job market.I would rather pay my tax money on this them on police chasing food service workers. Our government thinks the answer to all of our economic problems and conflicts is the result of our immigration policies. I say it’s the opposite; our immigrants are essentially the scapegoats and victims of a corrupt INS system.

.. they suffer from the death of Lady Liberty. Sources: Collier’s Encyclopedia Infoplease. com The Arizona Republic Online News Unmass. edu Co. freedom. com Personal Interviews: “Laya” Filipino Immigrant (Real name is confidential).


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