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While for some, having the courage of their convictions may be difficult, many times the courage to question those convictions is even harder. If you have the courage of your convictions, you are brave enough to act upon what you feel is right, despite any pressure from family members or peers.

Most people who have difficulty acquiring the courage of their convictions are holding back due to the fear of judgment or failure. For instance, I do not wish to continue my journey in college. I feel as though college restricts me from living my life to its fullest. But, what will my parents think?What happens if I drop out and all becomes chaos? However, I feel with all my heart that college isn’t for me. Okay, I’ve decided. I am going to drop out.

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No turning back. This is it. In a situation like this, having the courage of your conviction may be a challenge, especially when considering the consequences. But once you’ve establish what is ‘right’, your belief cannot easily be shaken.

It takes plenty of courage to avert one’s beliefs even when presented with evidence that one is wrong. I thought I was right, but I was wrong. I can admit this on an intellectual level, but on a spiritual level, I was still right.For instance, I felt that I should keep the stray I found in my yard.

I begged my mom to keep it. It had a collar but, I didn’t see any ‘lost dog’ signs so its owner couldn’t have cared that much. Therefore, that dog should be claimed my own. But, my mom wouldn’t allow it to become my pet. She called its owner and they came to retrieve him. But that doesn’t mean they care for him well. I continue to think he would be better off with me.

Having the courage of your convictions is not an easy task; neither is having the courage to question those convictions.However, questioning core beliefs may be more of a challenge because it requires one to keep an open mind. Is there really a right or wrong? Yes and no. The morality of a decision depends on the individual’s perspective; thus, no idea obtains complete harmony. On the other hand, society has developed principles that distinguish right from wrong so there is some consensus. The bottom line is, questioning one’s belief requires one to be open to other ideas, other perspectives, whether they are deemed right or wrong.


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