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 It was agreed that she would like to go swimming, I also booked a massage and explained that either before or after the massage she could discuss some relaxation techniques with the therapist, she also agreed to have acupuncture before she left, arranged for her to speak with me the following week. Later I had my supervision session with my work place supervisor. For the remainder of the day I undertook office cover, it was during this time that I assisted a client in making a complaint about the lack of drinks available in the machine. Generalisation and changes for future practice The client review was useful in that I was able to ask for help and advice from colleagues who have experience in this area.In terms of the review I am now feeling more confident, I feel this is as a result of both the reading material available to me also that I am beginning to relax more with clients when undertaking reviews, this will impact in a positive way on clients in that if I am more confident then this will encourage openness in my working relationships. Supervision I found useful in that Laura was interested in me and the course I am undertaking, along with this she was supportive and encouraging, which made me feel better about myself and how I am doing in the placement. I felt that I could be open and honest with her about the work I am undertaking along with the work I need to do for university.Regarding assisting the client who expressed a wish to make a complaint, I was acting within the agencies policies and procedures Appendix 3: Description: Still feel very nervous, some of this is because I am still unsure about my role, however I feel has time goes by it will become clearer.

First thing this morning Laura went through some of the policy’s and procedures, we were unable to go through them all, because it had been arranged for me to go on some training about blood born viruses, for example hepatitis-c and harm reduction. The training involved professionals, volunteers and members of the service user’s forum, some of which I had met the previous day, this is helping me to build working relationships.Generalisation and changes for future practice I thought the training was useful in that it will enable me to provide accurate information to clients not only about safe injecting but to make them aware of the blood born viruses that they could be at risk of. This will go some way to reducing the both risk to the client and the wider community, Appendix 4: Description: Full day of acupuncture training. The purpose of this training was to enable me to assist clients, who are trying to refrain from taking drugs/alcohol, stimulants and who maybe experiencing difficulties.

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Acupuncture can relieve the symptoms of withdrawal for example, anxiety, poor appetite and disturbed sleep pattern.Should a client agree to have acupuncture it will assist and contribute to their overall well being, thus further contributing to their aims in achieving change. Generalisation and changes for future practice While I enjoyed the training it brought with it issues for myself, I am not used to being in a clients personal space that said I am not sure I am able to stick needles into someone else. (Refer to Fieldwork report form) That said I feel if I am to enable clients to address issues for themselves then I need to know what it feels like, therefore I will try to deal with this. Appendix 6: Description: First part of the morning was spent with Laura covering guidelines along with part of the induction programme.Later in the morning I joined the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), while I was aware that this was an open group, I explained to group members that I was a student on placement with the unit, I then asked their permission to join the group, I felt that it should not be assumed that because I was a student on placement I had the right to join, I felt also by asking the group that I was showing respect and enabling them to feel they had some control, also that they would feel that I was valuing them Later in the day I spent time with Laura, who provided me with further information in regards to guidelines and the expectations of me as a team member.

Generalisation and changes for future practiceThe NLP group was a good experience, as part of the group I had to give some of myself, that said I was also able to see how NLP works and how it empowered individuals within the group who maybe feeling ‘stuck’ it dose this by taking the abilities the person has, thus it enhances changes they wish to make in their lives. It has also by taking part given me an insight into how I can support and encourage clients to meet their identified needs through different therapies. (Refer to fieldwork report form) Appendix 7: Description: First thing this morning I attended a client review meeting, this takes place on a weekly basis, the aim is to look at clients who have attended the unit the previous week, what services they have been using, and if there is any further support they might need in assisting them with the changes they wish to make.Client review is also where we look at the Issues Book, this is where any concerns about clients are recorded, it may be that the client has been abusing the service, for example attended the unit intoxicated, or are under the influence of other substances they may have been abusive to staff. The meeting gives staff that for various reasons may not have seen clients in the unit, along with this are issues in relation to health and safety of staff.

Later in the day I spent time with Laura, who explained to me my responsibility’s when I am undertaking office cover in accordance with the agencies policy’s and procedures, I will need to ensure that sessions start on time and during break times, lunch time cover for reception.Laura also explained to me the expectations of clients when they are in the cafi?? area, there should be no talk of drugs or alcohol, and none should be used within the unit, as some clients may experience difficulties with this especially if they are abstinent. After this I was introduced to the initial assessment team, I spoke to Paul who provided me with information on how the unit works, he explained that they are the first point of contact for adult clients who are affected by substance use, the unit has several elements to it, they offer a Listening Ear, Stimulant provision and Needle Exchange where a range of harm minimisation and support is available.There aim is to engage and retain substance users in a supportive service that is able to respond to their identified needs in a holistic way.

In partnership with the client they will undertake a holistic assessment, they will then respond to identified needs and the options available to the individual. Later in the day I observed a review of a clients care plan, this was to ensure that we were meeting his needs; he was also made aware of the new program. Towards the end of the day I was asked to observe the cafi?? area after the group had finished, it was while doing this that I was able to put into practice policy’s and procedures that had been explained to me earlier in the day.

While in the cafi??area I was aware that one of the clients was smoking a substance that is banned in the unit, in accordance with policy and procedure I informed another team member who confirmed that this was the case, the client in question was spoken to about this. Generalisation and changes for future practice Today I enjoyed learning about the unit in which I am based; along with knowledge I gained by spending time with the Initial Assessment team. Further more I was pleased with myself, in that I was able to put into practice some of the policies and procedures of the unit, also in compliance with Section 8, Misuse of Drugs Act: 1971. It could be said that my actions also protected other service users. Appendix 8: Description:For most of today I spent my time reading information in regard to other service areas, I was asked to spend time reading the agencies policy’s and procedures and while doing this checking that all the information contained in it was correct. I also made telephone calls to other agencies arranging for me to visit in order to gain an understanding of what they offer to the diverse and varying client groups. Unfortunately I was only able to make arrangements to implement the taster sessions at this stage.

Since my acupuncture training last week I have felt quite stressed by the thought of attending the next training day and questioned whether I am able to continue with the training.After much sole searching I sought advice and support from Laura a colleague, after discussing my fears and capability to complete the training with her it was agreed that I speak to the trainer to see if she could alleviate my fears. Despite my apprehension at approaching Laura I found her to be both supportive and understanding. Generalisation and changes for future practice Quite a frustrating day, in that I was disappointed that I was unable to make contact with other agencies in regard to the community development project.

However by spending time reading the policies and procedures I gained a better understanding of what I will be working with and the expectations of me as an effective team member. Despite my fears about the impending training I was glad that I was able to approach Laura for support. Appendix 9: Description:Today I been asked to provide office cover again although at another office where we provide a service, this was with two colleagues we will all share the responsibility of ensuring that client accessing the service are spoken to and that they are receiving the services they have requested, for example art, alternative therapy or if they feel they need to then I will may time to discuss any issues that may have arisen for them. During the day when I was not engaging with clients I researched the availability of counselling service outside the service area, the aim of this is to compile a list of counselling services that clients can access should they need. The service area that I am placed in offers counselling, however this is for a limited period, some clients may feel they need it in the longer term.

Generalisation and changes for future practiceToday I felt was very productive even though o was reluctant due to being on office cover. I was also able to spend time with client further building and forming good working relationships, also by starting to compile a register of counselling services it further increased my working knowledge of service availability and recourses, which will also enhance my practice. Appendix 10: Description: Office cover along with a colleague Mark and one of the volunteer workers, we will all be responsible for the running of the office, meeting client’s needs, and alternative therapies. Today I was able to undertake my first induction/ assessment with a client, before I undertook this task I asked Mark to explain the process to me.I have had the opportunity to observe inductions/assessments; however I felt that it would not harm to have clarification. Also made appointments for clients who requested further therapy treatments, at the end of the day I contacted the main office in order to confirm who had visited the unit that day, this is done to inform the service that we are meeting client needs, after this I ensured that all the relevant information was filed and stored.

This is in accordance with the agencies policy and procedure and confidentiality. Generalisation and changes for future practice By undertaking office cover and the passing of information identifies my ability to develop professional competence and work within an organisation.In terms of the induction/assessment I felt that by ensuring that I knew the clients name, confirming with the client as to how she would like to be addressed and throughout the interview calling her by name as often as possible, demonstrates that she is valued along with identifying her uniqueness. During the interview I gave J the opportunity to tell me her expectation of the service, I then went on to explain the aims of the service, resources available within the service, the expectations of service users such as confidentiality policy and the policy of not using the service when under the influence of drugs/ alcohol. Appendix 11: Description: First thing this morning I covered the front desk, where I booked clients in and answered the telephone.After this I attended the client review meeting, where I was allocated four clients to review, this will involve me writing to them and providing them with an appointment, this is in accordance with the agency’s policies and procedure in that clients are regularly reviewed in order to discuss there needs and if any changes need to be made to their program. Later in the day I wrote inviting clients in for their review. Completed some more acupuncture on a client, still feeling nervous when undertaking the procedure.

After the treatment I recorded the information on the clients file, and then returned in to the locked cabinet, in accordance with agency policy. After lunch I spent time in the Health for Life group, along with this I undertook office cover.At the end of the day I spent time with my work place supervisor, we arranged to have a more detailed discussion the following day as this was her first day back from annual leave. Generalisation and changes for future practice By covering the front desk and providing office cover, it helps me to continue to increase my working knowledge and to continue building good working relationships with clients. Actively tacking part in the Health for Life group is important in that it helps build and develop working relationships with clients, and breaks down the barriers of staff – client, thus can be seen that I am going some way in redressing the imbalance of power and oppression, as Thompson states, “Empowerment is a goal and a process for overcoming oppression.

” (Thompson N p164 2001).The same could be said when undertaking office cover, as this allows me time with clients in a group setting, for example today the group started to involve me in their conversation, which previously I have made most of the conversation in order for me to engage with them. I see today as a positive move forward in that the client group are beginning to trust me and see me as a member of a wider team that is trying to assist them is achieving their identified goals. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Social Work section.


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