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The China price is a term that can either demolish or facilitate to further develop the economy of the United States.

It is a recent movement in the economic power of the United States which has led them in a state of complete disorder. "Cut your price by 30% or lose your customers to China" is what the United States government is taking into consideration to prevent them from going bankrupt. The U.S. chartered firms are asking their suppliers that if they do not meet the “China Price”, they can either lose commerce, cut the wages of their employees and many other standard benefits, or shut down and relocate their manufacturing amenities in China. In the United States, from 2000 to 2010 there will be a loss of 260,000 jobs from the auto parts industry alone. Both the furniture industry and the textile industry have been losing large numbers of jobs as the “China Price” manufacturers have been breaking up companies in states as North and South Carolina (Ralph Nader).

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The increase in the shock of the “China Price” will cut back earnings of the people and the companies in the United States. It will further destroy communities that are dependent on companies and suppliers who have repositioned themselves to China. The numeral figures of lost employment will rapidly increase in the next decade.

A lot of economic laws and theories can be applied to this massive shift in the United States economic power. More and more people and companies are investing in China due to their cheap labor and rapid economic growth. Economists have forecasted that China's economy will take over the United States economy in the year 2025. This has increased the demand for trade and imports in the United States. They fear that their country would reach the point of underemployment in the near future. For this reason, the United States have to take safe and rather important measures. Theirfirst step should be based on one regulation which is to ex.



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