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The role of HR manager is shifting from a protector and screener to the planner and change agent. In present day competitive world, highly trained and committed employees are often a firm’s best bet. HR professionals can help an organisation select and train employees for emerging roles. Only people who are involved and thinking can make a difference. Charles Creer, has pointed out that “in a growing number of organisations human resources are now viewed as a source of competitive advantage. Increasingly it is being recognised that competitive advantage can be obtained with a high quality workforce that enables organisations to compete on the lines of market responsiveness, product and service quality, differentiated products and technological innovations”.

In the future, the-principal issues will be how the HRM function can transform its outlook from a traditional to a modern one: from being functionally-oriented, internally focused, reactive, activity driven, centralised and control-oriented, to being business- oriented, customer-focused, proactive effectiveness driven, decentralised and empowerment-oriented. In the future, organisations will need to be concerned with extending their recruiting efforts, developing careful screening procedures, training employees to help them adapt to change, providing appropriate and sufficient educational programmes and accounting for their investment in recruiting, selecting and training employees. The new generation of employees will weigh salary and benefits packages against their personal needs and values.

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Therefore, compensation and benefits packages will offer greater flexibility in order to meet individual needs.


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