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The Changing Role of IT in Civilian and Military Organizations Tericka Sanders ITM 580 Today, Information Technology (IT) planning and implementation are receiving immense attention in both civilian and military organizations alike, because they touch almost everyone’s lives. IT projects are managed for business, financial, academia, government, military and even non-profit organizations. It is vital that these entities have accurate computerized information so they are able to make timely and effective decisions.

The IT systems are only as good as their planning and implementation from a design and management perspective. IT project managers are faced daily with making decisions in regards to cost overruns, scheduled delays, and failures to meet the customers’ demands. Flattening, informating (digitization) and concentrating on core competencies are key concepts surrounding the “Information Revolution” that are effecting civilian and military organizations.How information is handled within an organization refers to flattening and informating, whereas concentrating on core competencies deals with the effectiveness of information technology. This paper will evaluate how planning for and implementation of IT in civilian and military organizations requires essentially similar organizational competencies. Flattening Flattening within an organization is described as, “speeding up the flow of information within the organization and create the proper incentives for its use (F.Fukyama & A.

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Shulsky). ” Informating (Digitization) Informating, also known as Digitization, facilitates the collection, processing, distribution and use of more detailed and more timely information throughout the organization (F. Fukyama & A. Shulsky). ” Concentrating on Core Competencies Emphasize on one’s sources of competitive advantage, while disencumbering oneself of functions that can be performed better by others (F.

Fukyama & A. Shulsky). ”


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