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For the last half-century Latin America has have been deeply involved with the foreign trade and production of drugs, primarily cocaine. The dominant economic player in this market is the highland country of Colombia, which has produced some of the most powerful and fearsome drug cartels to date. Through struggles between rival cartels, one cartel has evolved into the predominant force and emerged in the 90's as the most powerful drug cartel in the world.The Cali Cartel's aspects of distribution, organization, involvement in government corruption, and overall control of the market has made it infamous throughout the world. Though in recent years its ability to maintain control is waning with increasing US intervention and opposition from other governments.

In the 1980's the Colombian drug trade was at an all time high. At the forefront of the market was the Medellin Cartel lead by Pablo Escobar.Under the leadership of Escobar the cartel turned into the fiercest and most brutal force the Colombians faced.In efforts to control this epidemic the Colombian government cooperated with the smaller Cali Cartel in it's battle against the Medellin Cartel. Cali provided intelligence to the government forces seeking to eliminate Escobar. As a result of helping the Colombian government defeat the Medillin Cartel and gun down Escobar, Cali replaced them as South America's principal supplier of cocaine.

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Cali begins the cocaine trade by purchasing cocoa leaves from Bolivian, Peruvian and Colombian farmers. After it is processed into powdered cocaine in secret jungle labs the cocaine is moved from the surrounding Amazon jungle to the points of initial distribution in Colombia.The center of the Cali drug trade is in the third largest city of Colombia, Cali.The strength of Cali's distribution depends on two aspects of its trade, the initial exportation of the cocaine to the international markets and the int…


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