Rebellion, Learning tools of agriculture as well advancing

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Rebellion, battle, sickness, triumph, worship and human sacrifice. That's what one may learn about that Aztec culture if one we're compelled too. All of which I have read about in this case study. A history of ancient militia, nomadic migration and some of the earliest conquering of territory in human history. The Aztec civilization was primitive yet genius with their early tools of agriculture and weapons of warfare. Through unity, sacrifice, and kinship the Aztec went on to be one the largest ancient civilizations in all of existence. The Aztec civilization was believed to be formed around 1312.

Nomads from northern Mexico, Central America and even native North America formed an alliance in central Mexico, calling themselves "mexica." The Mexica began moving south, unfortunately their search for unsettled territory was unsuccessful atfirst. There was already states with their own form of irrigation and living practices. Although they continued marching south along the way they took knowledge from each state and settlement.

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Learning tools of agriculture as well advancing in numbers. Along their journey, evidence of dissension and internal rebellion we're evident, most likely signs of frustration due to not finding a permanent settlement. This is where many that studied the Aztec believed the idea human sacrifice was derived. Every time the Aztec stopped they constructed a temple for "Huitzilopotchtli" this was their most sacred deity, he was responsible for providing guidance on their exodus. Human sacrifice was essential for keeping him happy and to continue providing safe journey. Finally some 13 years later around 1325 they arrived a Lake Texcoco, it was there that Huitzilopotchtli instructed them to stop and begin to prosper, they named the state Tenochtitlan. For the next 200 years the Aztec flourished as a civilization, highly increasing in numbers as well as military strength. By.



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