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Jack G.

Shaheen's “The Arab Image” is a highly effective essay because he appeals to the audience in order to bring prejudice against Arabs to the attention of the American public and offer a solution to the inherent problem. Shaheen structures his essay in a way that can be easily followed by most any reader.He brings his concern with the problem of prejudice to the surface in his essay by invoking issues found in areas that the majority of his target audience can relate to. Shaheen's rhetorical essay is effective because he is able to incorporate logos, pathos, and ethos within his work. These three alone can be enough to persuade an audience, but when Shaheen incorporates all three within his work he leaves very little room for doubt about the topic at hand.Jack Shaheen's essay is effective because of how simple it is for the audience to follow. This allows the audience to focus more on the argument presented and not be so concerned about trying to decipher what the author is trying so convey to them.

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One way Shaheen accomplishes this is by staying on track throughout his essay. The information flows smoothly and he does not jump around, but sticks to his main topic. He uses a problem and solution argument. Shaheen begins by stating the problem that he is going to discuss early in essay, allowing the audience to understand what issue he is trying to get across. Within thefirst paragraph he declares, "Beginning in 1896, Hollywood began saturating world viewers with hideous feature films which portrayed Arab Muslims and their descendants as sub-humans – sand niggers, lecherous sheiks, and terrorists” (Shaheen, 2002 183). He follows up his claim by supporting it with examples from real problems that have taken place.After stating the issue of prejudice Shaheen follows up his argument with a solution to the problem.

This also adds to the effectiveness of the essay by not leaving the reader hanging t…


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