Philippines The advent of information technology has

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Philippines The advent of information technology has significantly influenced and changed how businesses are being managed and monitored today (Hunton, Bryant & Bagranoff, 2004).

It has brought both positive and negative impacts to the business world. As such, a term double-edged sword is often used to describe it. To ensure smooth management of the new business set-up, the concept of corporate governance was redesigned to include information technology as a major part of it. New governance and internal control frameworks came up just for this concern to be addressed.This resulted to an increased awareness that IT governance is a major ingredient in achieving every organization’s goal of value creation. In spite of the availability of new governance and internal control frameworks, many organizations still compromised their going concern because of poor enterprise- wide governance.

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The collapse of Enron in 2002 and the recent 2009 Satyam scandal in India are among the proofs of this predicament. Much more alarming is that in 2008, Satyam was the winner of the coveted Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Governance under Risk Management and Compliance Issues.Because of this, the awareness for both corporate and IT governance must be heightened and taken more seriously – Yague, Rosemarie M. (2005). Country Report on the State of Information Literacy in the Philippines http://www.

deped. gov. ph/cpanel/uploads/issuance/mg/library-hub. pdf http://www. booksforthebarrios.

com httyp:/www/elib. gov. ph Librarians often referred to ILSs as library automation systems or automated systems in the 1970s and early 1980s. Before the advent of computers, libraries usually used a card catalog to index their holdings.Computers came into use to automate the card catalog, thus the term automation system.

Automation of the catalog saves the labor involved in resorting the card catalog, keeping it up-to-date with respect to the collection, etc. Other tasks automated include checking-out and checking-in books, generating statistics and reports, acquisitions and subscriptions, indexing journal articles and linking to them, as well as tracking interlibrary loans. Since the late 1980s, windowing systems and multi-tasking have allowed the integration of business functions.Instead of having to open up separate applications, library staff could now use a single application with multiple functional modules. As the Internet grew, ILS vendors offered more functionality related to computer networks.

As of 2009[update] major ILS systems offer web-based portals where library users can log in to view their account, renew their books, and authenticate themselves for access to online databases. In recent years some libraries have turned to major open source ILSs such as Koha and Evergreen. Common reasons noted were to avoid vendor lock in, avoid license fees, and participate in software development.

Librarytechnology. org does an annual survey of over 1,500 libraries and noted in 2008 2%[3] of those surveyed used open source ILS, in 2009 the number increased to 8%[4] and in 2010(most recent year available) 12%[5] of the libraries polled had adopted open source ILSs. 1. – ^ Adamson, Veronica, et al.

(2008). JISC ; SCONUL Library Management Systems StudyPDF (1 MB). Sheffield, UK: Sero Consulting.

p. 51. Retrieved on 21 January 2009. “… a Library Management System (LMS or ILS ‘Integrated Library System’ in US parlance). ” 2.

^ Tennant, Roy (16 April 2008). Picking When to Jump, Part 2″. Library Journal. Reed Business Information. http://blog. libraryjournal. com/tennantdigitallibraries/2008/04/16/picking-when-to-jump-part-2/.

Retrieved 20 January 2009. “Across the pond they use the term library management systems (LMS) for what we call the integrated library system (ILS). ”  3. ^ http://www. librarytechnology.

org/perceptions2008. pl 4. ^ http://www. librarytechnology. org/perceptions2009.

pl 5. ^ http://www. librarytechnology.

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