2001 clips were shown, however, in true MTV

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2001 has been a great year for the music and entertainment channel, MTV.New seasons of The Real Word and Road Rules, various concerts and specials, and the Movie Awards have all been big highlights of this year so far.The channel also celebrated its 20th Anniversary this past August.However, arguably, the biggest event of them all is the Video Music Awards.Known for its tendency to push the envelope when it comes to what can and can't be shown on cable television, the VMAs are more about the show than the awards.

This year was no exception. Live from the Metropolitan Opera House, the show opened with host Jamie Foxx performing a very fitting opera rendition of several of this past year's most popular songs.Then, he quickly shifted gears into a monologue, insulting several celebrities that were present at the awards, contrary to earlier reports that he wouldn't do so.Thankfully, Will Ferrell of Saturday Night Live fame ran onto the stage in the middle of Foxx's act, climbing up a prop on stage while shouting, "I'm raging!"This was a homage to a similar act performed by the bassist of the band Rage Against the Machine from last year's VMAs, and forced MTV to cut to a commercial break. Thus began a constant stream of performances and awards.An interesting theme to the VMAs this year was the jungle.

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Before the nominees for each award were named, small nature documentary clips were shown, however, in true MTV fashion, most of them were rather provocative.Britney Spears' lip-synching performance also featured a zoo-full of caged animals behind her, not to mention a snake around her neck. Another moment of the VMAs that cannot be overlooked is the tribute to Aaliyah.

Several artists including Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot said a few words.Aaliyah's brother also made a rather moving speech.The moment would've been perfect, had Janet Jackson not read t..



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