Depression normally would move, in un-usual ways. In

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Depression affecting my work & progress I think that Giovanna had a problem on her hands from the very beginning of the class as we were all such literal people. We needed to be able to understand what we were doing and why we were doing it. It has been said that an actor can only be guided if they are whole hearted in their creativity ability. I felt that I was restricted in this type of work, as I need a specific direction when working. Also the repetitive frustrations and arguments in class left me disheartened. Movement was the core of the work that we were going to be undertaking.

In thefirst few sessions we spent the time moving around the different spaces, falling and recovering in different ways and areas. We began experimenting with new ideas of how to move the body. We were taught to feel gravity around the body and play with different movements that we would not normally use. The different exercises were relaxing feeling and progressing the way I normally would move, in un-usual ways. In later weeks we began working on dialectic rhythms; allowing our bodies feel disconnected and every bit doing something different at the same time. I felt this linked to what we had previously learned in Butoh and helped me to recreate the emotions I had then.

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We had to work with different paces, whilst the body was moving slowly the voice work working with it. In doing these different body exercises we were making the body stronger, so it also helped us condition for our other modules. The work we were doing in class required an emotional connection with not only yourself but also your class mates; this was encouraged throughout the different lessons. The exercises however were never really explained; this meant that we just followed what ever Giovanna was doing. I can now see that this is an interesting way of working because anything can actually happen when we are left to our own imagination, but at the time we were all ver..



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